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Dating Rules For Every Woman



When it comes to dating rules for women, one size doesn’t fit all. A young woman in her teens or 20s dates a lot differently than a woman in her 30s and 40s. And while most women generally want the same outcome, there are certain things women in their 30s and 40s know about dating that they disregarded or simply didn’t focus as much on in their younger years.

Some Rules

  1. Know your non-negotiable.

These would be those instant deal breakers of yours he’s a smoker, a non-monogamist, a cat-lover, and so on that instantly tell you to move on so you are not wasting your time. What are those three things that are not negotiable when you are looking for a relationship?  Focusing more on character traits, personality type, and value systems not on physical or financial attributes.


  1. Don’t limit yourself.

Women in their 20s might frown when thinking about dating a guy with a child or one that had previously been married, but the chances are, if a man is in his 40s, there’s a higher probability he’s been married or has kids.  Stay open to men that have been divorced, maturity is also an important attribute and he might have reached that point.


  1. Don’t lie. Don’t even inflate the truth.

If the picture or description of your date was inaccurate then the rest of the relationship will be likely filled with deceptions, it’s important that all parties stay honest.

  1. Pay attention to the red flags.

You know that feeling you get when you know something isn’t quite right? If your date can’t answer simple questions about where he works or acts super shady, chances are something weird is going on. Listen to what your gut is telling you. And that goes for behaviors too. If he’s already getting on your nerves and it’s only the first date that’s another indicator that you are just not going to work.


  1. Be emotionally available.

Maybe your past relationships haven’t turned out like you wanted them to, or you feel like every date in the past month was a lemon. Well, get over it. It’s still up to you to open your heart—and keep it open. This can be scary because you don’t want to get hurt. However, in order to grow and connect, you must be available and vulnerable.