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Akwa Ibom Community Decries Closure Of ExxonMobil Airstrip



Residents of Eket local government area of Akwa Ibom have decried the closure of ExxonMobil Airstrip in Eket community.

The people expressed their dismay, yesterday, in an interview with journalists in Eket.

Mr Assam Abia, a resident in Okopidi, where the airstrip is located expressed inconveniences caused by ExxonMobil to their staff, saying that airstrip had ceased to function almost a year ago.

He said that all the flights and choppers used by ExxonMobil staff now take off from Victor Attah International Airport which is located at Oron outskirts of Eket LGA.

“I think ExxonMobil is trying to register their grievances by incessant blocking of roads by the youths of the core communities,” he alleged.

Abia, however, said that the closure of the airstrip had caused economic backwardness to the core communities in Akwa Ibom.

“When airstrip was functional, petty traders used to do businesses with the staff before they board aircraft but now the whole thing is at stand still.



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