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Marist College Builds New Device To Monitor Air Quality



Some Students of Marist College, Yangoji in Abuja have developed a new problem solving device codenamed: Marist Air Quality Monitor designed to effectively monitor air quality and detect polluted or bad air that is harmful to human existence. In real sense, the technology based device ready to be launched is used for assessing environment and getting data for temperature humidity and air quality of one’s immediate environment.

“It enables you to know or alert you when the environment is poor through a signal in a registered SIM card of the user. It helps you to take necessary action to achieve a conducive or habitable environment for safety,” says Nwabu-Nwisu Chinomso one of the students who carried out the project. It sends call and text messages through GSM module inside the device and alerts the user in case of disaster, the students said in a chart with our correspondent.

Corroborating her remarks, Nakanga Elisha who said the device helps to determine whether the quality of air is poor or healthy, added that the device is to be installed in residential apartments and public offices for effective monitoring of a user’s air quality status.

“By this project, we have been trained to develop world-changing projects for quality life. We intend to provide solution to air pollution in the world,” Elisha claimed, adding that his team is has been strongly prepared to take on other schools nationally and abroad in competitions on such a technology based initiative.

“One of the major aims of this project is to create awareness on air pollution. Everyone should be aware of the bad air quality we have in our hands, across the world,” another project team member Duribe Ikedinachi said. Like Chijindu Amogu, Ikedinachi’s hope is also to eke out a living through the project. “By this project, we hope to create our own businesses and become true entrepreneurs. We intend to sell this product to the world because air pollution is a global problem,” he added.

According to Ikedinachi, the major challenge is time constraint, being boarding students. He said they only struggle to meet up with time for their normal “we have to mix extracurricular activities with our normal day activities and tasks,” he told me. Prospective customers include government agencies, private homes, restaurants, schools and education providers.

The team head and Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) Group Supervisor for the College, Ayeh Romanus acknowledged that the problem of air pollution is not limited to Nigeria alone; it’s a world-class problem.

Romanus told our correspondent that the idea was born out of the incidence of death of the students of the school who died alongside his family of suffocation from generator fumes. He thinks the reason is lack of such device to detect that the air quality was bad, coupled with the urgent need for us to attend to air pollution in Nigeria.

“The call to eradicate air pollution is a call everyone has to answer. The aim is not just to win the competition but to also fight bad air for better life,” Romanus added.

On her part, Programme Manager, SAGE Nigeria, Chinenye UdehSays disclosed that 23 teams will be competing in a national school entrepreneurship competition in Abuja. The projects range from technology, craft to recycling. The first two winners will represent Nigeria in USA. SAGE supervises the students to ensure they have a quality projects that can meet international standard. The programme in operated in partnership with SMEDAN focused on entrenching entrepreneurship education in primary and secondary schools.




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