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Aisha Buhari’s Politics And May 29 Blues Plus Abati’s Hidden Intent



When we taught that wailing had ended with the first tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari, Reuben Abati, the erstwhile spokesman to former President Jonathan Goodluck, demonstrated once again, that he is not yet ready to pull-off his wailing regalia. His recent commentary titled ‘Aisha Buhari’s Politics and May 29 Blues’ which appeared in his ThisDay column, suggests that wailing is an incurable viral disease. Who will cure Abati of this disease of bitterness, bile, resentment and self-inflicted soreness?

The manner in which a message will be accepted depends on many factors. The most palpable is the character of the messenger and the content of the message. Reuben Abati possesses a questionable character as he lacks moral impetus to criticise this government and any government for that matter. For an individual, who was a spokesman to a regime that was brandished as fantastically corrupt and notorious for its buffoonery to criticise a government that is making frantic efforts to put smile on the faces of ordinary Nigerians who were punctured, fractured and plundered by a government led by his principal, attests to Abati’s fluid and formless character. Even though Goodluck Jonathan, Abati’s principal, was displaced from Aso Rock about four years ago, at a time that Abati was still ruminating, masticating and savouring the taste and flavour of his booties, it is obvious that he (Abati) has still not purged himself of the bile and bitterness that thronged the loss of his master. For Abati therefore, criticising and spitting needless venom against Buhari’s government is a means of compensating self for this brutal loss.

Since Abati left Aso Rock, so many things left him as well, including his human dignity. About four years ago, when Goodluck Jonathan was ousted and chased out of Aso Rock in a manner considered inglorious and ignominious, Abati has been struggling so hard to get himself another job. First, having tasted power, (especially that which is laced and decorated with corruption) and seeing that it is sweet, he attempted to return to the place where he made his largest fortunes, but he failed. The People’s Democratic Party, Abati’s darling party, denied him and his master ticket, suggesting that even in a den of the corrupt, some animals are more equal than the others!

Secondly, when his phone stopped ringing and money stopped hitting his bank accounts, Abati returned to the pen profession forgetting that journalism thrives on credibility, a trait that he lost years ago while trying to market a dishonest regime. Whichever trade Abati will choose today, will not get patronage because Nigerians have come to know him as one of the dishonest men that tried hard to market a government that had caused the nation and her people untold pain and agony.

Someone should tell Abati that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t use filth to clean filth. Someone should quickly remind him that his pen still stinks as a result of the stench of yesteryears baggage of corruption which elegantly adorns his neck like fetter. You don’t have such manacle around your neck and still reason like a normal human being.

Somebody should advise Rueben Abati and his ilk that splintering the enviable cordiality between President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and among their family members, especially their wives, is one of the most ostentatious voyages that one can ever think of. Abati and his co-travellers can only get to their destinations in their imaginations. His evil intention is clearly spelt out in the article. He wants to create a wedge and deep disaffection between the President and his Vice on one hand and between Aisha Buhari and Osinbajo’s wife and aides on the other.

Even Mariam Uwais response was not meant to attack the President’s wife as suggested in Abati’s article. Uwais was only speaking about the scale of impact of the social safety net, reiterating that the Buhari administration had certainly made impact in that regard. Abati will agree that during the regime of his principal, there was no social safety net of any kind; he should rather applaud this administration than burrowing every available wall like a displaced rat seeking for a place of refuge.

President Muhammadu Buhari is always meticulous when it comes to making critical decisions. His choice of Aisha as a spouse was never accidental; his choice of Vice President Osinbajo and his aides equally attests to his sagely disposition. This is one of the things that has placed Buhari’s regime above previous ones. Abati even attests to this in his article.

Aisha Buhari is a civilised individual. The ebullient wife of the President knows that every member of the NextLevel team works in tandem with her husband’s overall vision for this great nation. Aisha is not like the wife of Abati’s principal, who gallivanted from one function to another, entertaining people with her poorly delivered words that became a common jibe on social media.

Many lines in the Abati’s commentary attest to his moral imposture; he forgets to note that his past and that of his principal is just a click away. More so, many Nigerians have not forgotten how they almost crippled the nation’s economy by sharing its common patrimony among friends and family, cronies and proxies. Not every Nigerian has the penchant for such posture that lacks a speck of moral integrity.


Vice President Osinbajo, like President Muhammadu Buhari, is committed to ameliorating the plight of ordinary Nigerians who were denied of basic social amenities by the regime superintended by Abati’s principal. Can Goodluck Jonathan’s Social Welfare programmes be compared to the President Buhari’s carefully conceived and implemented Social Investment Programme (SIP)?



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