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When PMB Told Sallah Visitors The Gospel Truth



On Tuesday, Muslims all over the world celebrated Sallah to mark the end of Ramadan. Usually, President Muhammadu Buhari celebrates the small Sallah in Abuja and the big one in his hometown in Daura. In line with the tradition, he received residents of the FCT who always pay homage to the resident at festival seasons. But this time around, Buhari told them his mind in a jocular manner.

President Buhari who was in his comic best that Sallah day promised to continue to provide adequate security for residents of the Federal Capital Territory despite the fact that they did not vote for him in the 2019 presidential election. Speaking jocularly at the brief event, President Buhari explained that he did not have an option but to secure Abuja which provides himself and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo the necessary security.

He said, “I have just spoken to the senator on my left (Philip Aduda) and I told him that his constituency did not vote for me. So, I was very pleased that when they made the arrangement they put him very far away from me.”

He added that he presently has the constituency results from Abuja on how the residents voted in the last general elections.

“I have all the results of all constituencies. I am not threatening FCT because to make FCT secure is to make myself secure and the Vice President. I think they are a necessary evil that was why they decided to vote for PDP,” he added.

The President also appealed to officials under his administration to show exemplary leadership that will not make the government unpopular.

“I appeal to you to remain exemplary so that those under you will know that the country is doing very well. If you break down and complain, the impact will reverberate all over and then government will not be popular and whatever efforts we are making will not be appreciated.”

President Buhari said he was happy that a lot of Nigerians voted for him and sympathized with his political experiences beginning from 2003 and 2019, a period which he even went up to Supreme Court to challenge the outcomes of the election.

He continued: “I thank you very much those of you who suffered very much to support me. And I congratulate you for being happy that I made it and I assure you that I will continue to do my best in spite of the toughness of my neighbours.

“During my long journey to this place, 2003, 2007, 2011, those were interesting political developments that enabled me visit all the local governments in this country, all 774 local governments.

“My first port of call whenever I visit any local government was to visit the community leaders for understanding and support. I am very pleased that Nigerians understand me that although I was a governor, minister of petroleum and one time head of state, people know I don’t have a lot of money to give.”

On Thursday, the President hosted Kaduna State governor, Nasir el- Rufai, Senators Ahmed Lawan and Danjuma Goje. Recall that Goje had been making subtle moves to contest for the Senate Presidency. Although the All Progressives Congress (APC) had micro zoned the position to Senator Lawan, it did not deter Goje and Senator Ali Ndume from throwing their hats into the ring. Goje had insisted that he wanted to hear from the president before making his final decision. His wish camevtrue when he met with the president that day.

Expectedly, after the meeting, Senator Goje announced that he had withdrawn from the senate presidency contest. He said he took the decision to withdraw based on loyalty and in the interest of  unity of the APC, pointing out that it was also  in order to assist President  Buhari in his policies.

He said, “Before I proceed I want to use this opportunity to thank my teeming associates supporters and admirers across the country who have been calling me to declare for the senate presidency.

“The calls have come from across the country. I listened to them. I appreciate them and thank them so much, but I want to say that as an elder statesman that has been in this game for a long time at my age, I should be able to appreciate leadership coming from our elders.

“So in spite of all these calls and my support base, I have decided in difference to loyalty of our party and in the interest of the unity of our party, the APC, and the development of our country. In order to assist President Muhammadu Buhari in his policies, I have decided not to declare for the seat of the senate presidency. Instead, I am supporting the position of the party, thereby endorsing the candidature of Ahmed Lawan”.

On Friday the President met with governors and service chiefs over insecurity in the nation. The twin menace of kidnappings and banditry is holding the country by the jugular. The meeting was at the instance of the governors who wanted a  permanent solution to the scourge.



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