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Nri Community Accuses Former CJ Of Fueling Kingship Crisis




The people of Nri community in Anambra State have accused the one of their sons, retired Chief Justice Peter Umeadi of fuelling the kingship tussle that bedeviled the ancient town since the demise of their last Igwe, accusing him of fueling the crisis.

They alleged that the former Chief Justice (CJ) of Anambra State had taken sides with the son of the late Igwe, Ikenna Onyesoh, to ensure that the lingering crisis was not resolved.

In a recent statement issued by the community, it was alleged that Justice Umeadi, a close ally of the late Eze Nri, Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh, had been subverting the will of the people by supporting the junior Onyesoh to perpetrate illegality.

The statement, signed by Ichie Michael Igidigi on behalf of Orunzenino Supreme Council, Nri, recalled that the former CJ had on January 6, 2019, initiated a peace meeting between the warring parties in the tussle at a hotel in Awka for the resolution of the crisis.

It added that after the parley, the revered Justice allegedly came up with a communiqué that was grossly in defiance of the resolutions of the sitting.

By allegedly tilting the communiqué towards favouring the Igwe’s son, the community in the statement perceived him as one having vested interest in becoming the king; hence he could no longer be trusted.

“In the dying days of the tenure of the former CJ, some courts were billed to be launched within Anambra State. Justice Umeadi invited dignitaries including the controversial Ikenna, whom in his (Umeadi’s) wisdom was addressed as the royal father of the day. A butterfly has wings and can fly but can it be called a bird? The elders wondered that such actions gave a false impression of tacit government support for the so called Regent. One elder asked again, “Is it not mischief to drag a controversial Ikenna to an all judiciary function even when there are litigations in the same Judiciary bothering on his status?”, the community stated.

Nri Kingdom, the cradle of Igbo customs and tradition, has however pointed out that it has eventually resolved the kingship crisis that was tearing the community apart with its nomination of Oba Maduka Arubaluezeama as the Okwudolueze (stand-in king) of the town.



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