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Safeguard Current Democracy, Glo Charges Nigerians On June 12



Globacom has encouraged Nigerians to safeguard the nation’s democracy just as it eulogised President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for its decision to enact June 12 into law as National Democracy Day.

Globacom noted in a congratulatory message to the nation on the commemoration of the 26th National Democracy Day, that the recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day is an acknowledgement of the indelible influence of the annulled election of 1993 in the eventual entrenchment of democracy in the country adding, “26 years on, it can be said that June 12 is largely responsible for the two decades of five successive democratic governments that we have had in the country”.

According to the company, the experience of Nigerians before, during and after the elections contributed immensely to nurturing and deepening the current democratic experience and fulfilled the desire of the nation’s citizenry for elective governance after years of military rule.

Said Globacom, “the experience of June 12 is a national watershed in our democratic trajectory. It speaks to Nigerians’ passionate desire for democratic governance, liberty, rule of law, human rights and inalienable right to vote and be voted for. It is a metaphor that symbolizes the country’s rejection of repression of people’s will in any form, shape or size.”

While congratulating Nigerians for their resilience through the years and for collaborating with the government towards ensuring the entrenchment of a virile self rule, the telecommunications giant encouraged them to further their commitment to safeguarding the democratic tenets in words, deeds and actions.



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