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Cake-maker Targets Diabetics’ With Gluten-free, Insulin-induced Cakes



Creative director and cake-maker at CakeoClock, Rebecca Arikpo, has found alternatives to enable health conscious consumers to enjoy confectionaries via her gluten-free flour, and insulin-induced cakes.

CakeoClock, a cake-catering business, owned by a young, medical biochemist, which launched recently in Abuja, in addition to offering consumers the option of designing cake flavours and toppings of their choice, caters to diabetic consumers with its healthful offers.

A staunch believer in balanced diet, she applies her biochemical background to reduce amounts of simple sugar found in confectionaries as cake that often cause diabetes and overweight.

“We have done our research and came up with ways to avert overconsumption of sugar, such as Insulin-induced cakes for diabetic patients, which rather than deteriorate their health, reinforces it.”

“We have studied gluten found in bread flour, and several other plants that produce a glueyness to the flour that make people add weight, a thing of worry for some people. We have been able to cut down on the gluten content, by producing cake flours that are gluten-free. We have gone that far to get it, and it is expensive, that’s why they fall among the special orders category. If you have health conditions you can talk to us at CakeoClock to let us know your concerns, and produce the cake that fits your condition,” she assured.

Arikpo’s start-up company began in a tiny room in Edo State, two years ago. Today, the company successfully launched the brand in Abuja, a step out of its five-year initial plan to expand across Nigeria, and Africa.

According to her, “I want to expand across Africa, and to do that, we have to conquer Nigeria first. We are in Abuja because it has more people who can afford and appreciate quality cakes. It is also a start-up point in our targeted spread across the country and Africa. Next is Lagos, then Africa, within the next few years. It requires years of planning but we can achieve it.”

The secret to her business expansion hinges on planning ahead, capital funds and back-up funds.

“It is not a coincidence that we are giving people jobs today, organising trainings and partnering with organisations, rather, it is because we have a goal, a dream and a step-by-step plan of how to achieve it. Entrepreneurship is the only way out of poverty today. I advise youths to take it. We do trainings, partner with organisations to empower young people via baking skills,” stressed Arikpo.