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Sexual Security: ‘Touch Not My Anointed’

About six years ago, Ese Walters not only accused the head pastor of Commonwealth of Zion, popularly known as COZA, of showing her “another level of grace” via his bedroom, she gave us all the full details. The story, of course, went viral and I must confess that when I heard that he intended to give a robust reply, I attended the next Sunday service; I was going to hear this response with my own ears, no second party gist. That day, the church was packed and overflowing and in his opening remarks, he did say he knew there were interlopers like yours truly in the audience. Anyway, he beat about the bush and years later, we are still waiting for the robust reply.

Timi Dakolo, who is viewed as a temperate man, who loves Nigeria, sings when he’s called upon, nurturing a young family and minds his business, however, bravely decided to call out the head pastor of COZA for his indiscretions. Apparently, some victim reached out to him with her story and more followed. There has been a sharp divide among the universal congregation as to whether Timi did the right thing by allegedly exposing the man of God on Instagram or should have sought an appointment to see him and I guess, confront him and maybe even get a confession out of him! This time instead of a response, what we can hear are crickets.

I must say though, to an extent I saw why it was easy for females to be lured and taken in by him – one is the power he wields as a 21st century ‘man of God’; then he’s dark, tall, not bad looking, speaks extremely well, dresses to the nines and has charm which he exudes from the pulpit. He has a certain “follow come” quality that instead of using for good, he’s chosen to use for something else. Hold your horses; I am not ‘judging’ him in vacuum. There is absolutely no smoke without fire. But why is he the most prominent of the lot that has reoccurring cases of accusations about the same thing? He is back in the news again for more sexual indiscretions.

If I had been this man of God and was convinced I had been called to ministry (well, all of me except my ‘junior’) for the sake of the Gospel, I would have made the ultimate sacrifice and had myself castrated after the incident. I am not being extreme just practical. “You cannot serve God and mammon,” in this case, God and the flesh!! Clearly it seems the Man of the Designers (the usual appellation would have been a “Man of the cloth”) has a thing for ladies and still wants to stand on the pulpit.  However, you know why that thought would never cross his mind? We the followers.

Someone once said, if you want to hide something from the Blackman, put it in a book. The Bible is free and even if you want to buy, readily available in at least 1,300 languages!!! There are no restrictions as to who can read it and despite this freedom, even the adherents of the religion are bereft of knowledge.

He was shielded, covered and protected by us using the very much abused and taken out of context verse found in I Chronicles 16:22 and later in Psalms 150:15- “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm,” instead of being called out.

For those who don’t have the context one thing is clear, by no means was this verse referring to any ‘Man of the cloth’, Apostle, Prophet, Deacon, Man of God that would arise outside those God was referring to in the passage. In 1 Chronicles 16, King David of Israel had just received the Ark of God and placed it in the tent he had pitched. He made burnt peace offerings to God and proceeded to appoint priests to minister to God. Down the chapter, King David then led a song of Thanksgiving to God in which he is going down memory lane of what God had done for the people of Israel.


Verse 21, King David attests ‘He (God) allowed no man to do them wrong; yes, he reproved kings for their sakes. Verse 22 saying, touch not my anointed (chosen people) and do my prophets no harm!” CONTEXT is as important as READING as important as UNDERSTANDING (or asking for wisdom)

When Jesus Christ spoke to the Pharisees, Saduccess and Jewish elders, (the equivalent of church leaders and elders) he was often scathing and direct in calling them out for their hypocrisy, double standards and leading their followers astray. He didn’t sugar coat what they were doing and never did He once quote from either Scripture. Instead James 3:1 warns that many should even become teachers because they will be judged more strictly.

The issue of sexual crimes is still a very shrouded subject particularly because we victimise the victims and it stays hidden or swept under the carpet. However, with the Catholic Church addressing issues of sexual crimes that had been suppressed for decades upon decades, the #Metoo and our version #Arewametoo movements, there is still hope that truth and justice will prevail in the end.

Using The Sledge Hammer

Institutions can work if they want to and we saw the swiftness with which Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) reacted to the security threat, AIT. We’ve also seen that the courts can act quickly and grant succor. When I listened to Senator Dino Melaye at the 8th Assembly’s valedictory session, I didn’t realise how hounded he had been and just how resilient he was. He had a catalogue of each incident and how many days he was either on the run or up a tree. The part of his speech that I love was where he said he had only, four days to campaign and the rest is history. Not only did he win, he did so with no room for doubt. I can safely say that it will be one of the only wins that cannot be overturned on allegations of rigging!! He should write a book; ‘The Travails Of Brother Dino.’


AIT should be next in line. I don’t particularly enjoy watching AIT, I find it a bit stiff and stuffy, but it remains my second choice to hear near authentic news. I only started watching more of AIT when they introduced or revamped ‘Kakaki Social’ (not sure).

When I read and reread the alleged infractions of AIT (seems to me that’s what they are) I couldn’t help but think of CNN and its running battle with President Trump.

On several occasions either they were caught in a lie, exaggeration, half-truths, campaign of calumny or passive aggression in their reporting style but not once were they shut down. They would bring commentators that would give their opinions which would be unflattering but not once was the station shut down for insulting the President. Just saying.


NBC has every right to carry out its functions. For a regulatory body to suspend a license and shut down a station INDEFINITELY because “AIT doesn’t pay its dues as and when due,” was a lame duck to say the least should never have made the list or because frustrated Nigerians were quoted as airing their views and considered capable of heating the polity was to say the least, laughable. The two references to scolding meetings it had with AIT weren’t sufficient. NBC should have gone to court with its ‘weighty’ grievances. As it is now, NBC hasn’t done itself any favours even if AIT is guilty of these infractions. *Chuckling*


Then I am thoroughly confused as to the siege laid by the Police and SSS at the premises of AIT. What happened? If a venting Nigerian tweets or ‘Facebooks’ stating that there is a more pressing need for these two very important security bodies to lay siege at troubled spots in the country where real crimes are being committed including acts of insurgency that have blatantly shown that these acts treasonable (we are throwing this word around), there would have been an arrest.

Watching to see the Next Level this saga will go.

To The Rescue

God forbid that I should criticise Baba Buhari but I can scratch my head at, “I must secure Katsina State now” and then proceeded to give a rash of predicable orders. I still don’t get how our security system works.

A large budget, a central security apparatus, a huge security vote for the governor who is the chief security officer but is powerless (a contradiction), orders from the center and though there is an IG of Police, the President still has to give orders. Someone really needs to explain it to me in 5-year-old comprehension.  Backtracking a bit, the gradual invasion of the North especially by armed bandits, terrorists, Fulani herdsmen, unidentified gun men and a host of other names we call them, is turning the North to a wasteland, so it almost feels like salt poured on an open wound for Baba B to want to secure Katsina. Shouldn’t that have been Nigeria?  Well I guess as we say, better late than never and it would seem he has indeed woken up finally. How awake is left to be seen though, given the video recently shared by Boko Haram of the soldiers they had kidnapped.



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