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Qatar Delivers Fund For Humanitarian Projects To Gaza



Israel allowed the transfer of Qatari funds to aid the Gaza Strip, after the radical Islamist Hamas threatened an escalation earlier, accusing Israel of delaying the implementation of its commitments to a truce.

The Palestinian civil liaison office at the Erez Crossing Point on Monday said that Qatari envoy Mohammad Ammadi had delivered the funds.

A truce brokered by Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations in May between Israel and Hamas reportedly includes the transfer of Qatari funds.

The ceasefire put an end to the worst outbreak of violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza since 2014.

Local media in Gaza said that Ammadi delivered a total of 30 million dollars.

This included aid for 100,000 poor families, with each set to receive 100 dollars.

Media reported that an additional 10 million dollars are earmarked for the creation of job opportunities in coordination with UNRWA, a United Nations refugee agency for Palestinians said.

Qatar had already delivered another 10 million dollars for a fuel delivery from Israel to keep the Gaza power station operating, according to reports.

Earlier, two rockets were fired at Israel, including one which caused severe damage to a house in southern Israel.

The Israeli army retaliated with airstrikes on militant facilities in Gaza.

No injuries were reported on either side.

Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz condemned the government for allowing the transfer of money.

Tweeting: “A loss of deterrence, suitcases of dollars are again transferred and there is no diplomatic achievement that will promise peace for the residents of the Gaza Envelope (Israeli communities close to the border).’’