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How Miss Health Africa Feted Over 4,000 Kids



It was an electric atmosphere when Miss Health Africa, Queen Ivory Chidi  celebrated the National Children’s Day with over 4,000 kids in attendance at the Millennium Park , Abuja with a fanfare.

According to the Queen, the  reason she gathered over 4,000 kids together is to shower them with love as well cerebrating them on the great Day.

She said the children are not just the leaders of tomorrow but of today,

“So it is pertinent that we parents and guardians harness  their skills and talents to bring out the best in them” she stated while speaking to some of the parents at the occasion.

Miss Chidi later crowned the Little Mr/Miss Abuja-Gratolite in Preparatory School, Little Mr/Miss Abuja Tourism -Pinky and Brain School and Little Face of Abuja -Patriot School that emerged winners from the Pageant contest among the various schools that were in Attendance.

The schools were awarded the sum of N15,000 for the winner, N10,000 for the first runner up and N5,000 for the 2nd runner up. She encouraged kids modelling as pageants to know that the  world is open to all kids and adult alike.

Queen Ivory Chidi explained that catching these young models at a tender age is a welcome idea because “it’s a way of encouraging their skill, talent and dreams. A lot of people couldn’t live their dreams because no one believed in them while they were kids. It was a great privilege helping these kids love their dreams for modelling.”

She also awarded all female  contestants a platform to contest for the Little Miss Health Beauty Pageant coming up towards the ending of the year as her own way of contributing to  their goals of becoming super models.

Chidi also commended the kids intellectual display during the quiz competition and debate.

The Queen also encouraged the kids to be God fearing, obedient to their parents and more importantly, focus more on their studies while letting go of any  form of distractions.

Queen Ivory stated that education is a powerful tool in curbing societal menace. She added that the kids should focus on their goals and have the believe that there’s nothing they cannot achieve as long they set their minds toward it.

“The life of many kids have been made miserable by various kind of abuses, labour, harassment etc. So many kids are seen hawking on the streets during school hours. Child labour is becoming rampant and steps have to be taken to stop this menace.

” Government have to support NGO’s like Miss Health International Foundation to improve the quality of education for the rural based and less privileged children as well to improve the general life of children in rural areas. Provisions should be made by Government and funds should be set aside to cater for the well being of Less privileged kids. A good Foundation laid today begets a better future for us all.

“A child is a child of the society. So a great responsibility rest upon us all to send the children to schools as well encourage their skills and talents. When you train a child, you secure the future of the nation,” she concluded.

Highlights of the event include Quiz Competition, Dance, Drama, Parade, Fashion and Modeling competition.



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