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What Value Will Your Child Give To The World?



A young chap walked into the office today and had something written on a piece of paper, which he handed over to the security to give to an officer. I assumed it was the usual plea for financial assistance from a dumb person. Surprisingly, it wasn’t and no, the writer was neither dumb nor seeking financial assistance, at least, not directly. He was looking for a job.

Have you started having conversations with your children about the kind of future they envisage for themselves? Do they have an awareness of their strengths? What plans do you have in the way to make them uncover their innate abilities and hidden potentials? Are they already thinking about their special contribution to the world?

It is an open secret that our universities turn out graduates who our market force cannot cater for. In fact, it is almost a crime in the 21st century to be asked what you do and you give the response: I’m looking for a job as if that were an occupation in itself!

It starts with us as parents. We must direct our children to career paths that are in sync with their innate abilities. This way, they find purpose and fulfillment and will be well on the way to live a life of influence, impact and income.

What can you do? I asked the young chap. He stared at me like I was asking him to do some forbidden things. Okay, what did you spend your state and federal government allowance on during your youth service?

“Our state did not give us monthly allowance. It was only federal that did. I was the head of my CDA group and because of that, I used to travel a lot and people also came to me when they had challenges and my money went into all that”, came his response in a tone of voice lower that what he started with.

A lot of our young people are shielded from the realities of today’s world. We make them to live without envisaging the path to create the kind of future they behold.

The conversation has changed from what do you want to be or where do you want to work. It once changed to what problems do you want to solve and now, it has become what problems can you create? Yes, that is where the life of abundance now sits. For instance, take a look at the business behind the popular UBER and others in its category. As you will agree with me, the business of transportation isn’t a new one. What those guys simply did was to create a problem round the existing and meet it up with solution. Period. So they created the problem of the inconvenience of having to go out on the streets to get a cab, should you not have or choose not to go in a private vehicle. They met it with a solution of getting a cab right from your device irrespective of where you are- in the loo, on your couch, on your bed, wherever and with or without cash! Now, with the Uber model, more people who ordinarily would go in a private vehicle have considered and well received the option of the chauffeur-driven alternative. Of course like every business venture, this isn’t without its antecedent risk, especially with our peculiar situation in this country.

The young chap went on to tell me how he lacked the capital to start any meaningful business. What is capital? How many places did you ever volunteer in, even while you were in school, at least during the holidays? Did you bring hard work, commitment and resilience on board such that you were missed each time you had to go back to school? Or all you did was to enjoy their free WiFi and air-conditioned environment? Those periods are opportunities to build your capital account. Those were times you could afford to work for free because you had parents to provide your basic needs. At least, for most people. Those were great opportunities to build your network.

As a Purpose and Potential Discovery Specialist, I could immediately do an assessment and tell him exactly what he can do to flourish. However, I chose to make him do the work. “If you missed out on those opportunities to build capacity and capital, all isn’t lost. Go home and write out all your strengths and all the things you can do. Write at least 30. When you are done, bring it back and let’s see…

Everyone one has a unique gift to the world. If you missed yours, don’t let your child miss his! … So, help us God.



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