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Leaders Must Be Focused, Determined –  Rev Ogundipe



The Pastor of the Gloryland Baptist Church, Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Estate Lugbe, Abuja, Rev. Dr. Niyi Sunday Ogundipe, has said that determination, faith, focus and righteousness remain the only keys for the success of a leader.

Ogundipe said this at the weekend during his 60th birthday and Ph.D graduation celebrations which held at the extra modern new church building in Abuja.

“God has created man to lead and no man is expected to be subordinate to the other both noble and ordinary ones alike. You know, there is no difference between one man or the other but what create difference is determination and leaders should note that leadership is a position of responsibility.

“You are called to be responsible and leadership without responsibility is another thing.

“When leaders see that the position of leadership is a call to service, you can do the best and God never want us to lose. So, whatever time and resources you have maximise, it’s for the benefit of others and that is what can make our dear country Nigeria to be a developed country.

“I got my first-class degree in suffering. I suffered so much while growing up but God created my internal strength and when you have that internal strength, it gives you determination and a man that has determination is a successful man and above all, God is the only key to that,” Ogundipe said.

He noted that God has put in so much in every youth to succeed and when you find your path by the way of righteousness, the potentials in you will turn to success, adding that for everyone present at the occasion both old and young must be focused and determined and look up to God, who is the answer to everything.

One of the guests, Mama Mercy Agbelese, said that Rev. Ogundipe is a man of integrity, a man of focus, and a man of faith and that the three things combined made the man who he is today having accomplished great feats.

“Some time you will see difficulties but by the time you meet Pastor Ogundipe, he will definitely make you see through and sometimes you will be wondering how but you know he has a vision and his vision is through his faith in Christ.

“I knew him for so many years now but I never see him saying something for selfish interest and that made me to put these three things; vision, focus, and faith together and it is because of this that he always know what to do,” Agbelese added.

In the same vein, the chairman of the Deaconate of Gloryland Baptist Church, Deacon Gabriel Adediji, said that Rev. Ogundipe is a man of God with full of confidence as well as a reliable and a trustworthy person.

According to him, Ogundipe is somebody that is a God-fearing servant-leader, who always tell the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

“A man that can carry the burden of everybody irrespective of who you are, a man who can remove his eye and give it to another person,” Adediji said.

He thereafter prayed to God to add more fruitful years to Rev Ogundipe including more greater achievements in the Lord’s vineyard.



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