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‘Fashion Speaks By Defining One’s Style’ – Ruth Fanwo



Ruth Roseline Fanwo

Ruth Roseline Fanwo, is the Chief Executive Officer of Raykon Home of Fashion Lokoja, Kogi State. The one stop fashion house executive, in this interview with Stellamaries Amuwa, believes that through excellent and healthy competition, she is heading for the top in the fashion industry.

What inspired you to set up a fashion one stop shop?

The idea is to create a fashion one stop shop where you get your fabrics, get your designs, bags and shoes and then come back to ensure your fabrics are well taken care of through excellent laundry service. We are basically into fashion design, bags and shoes. We sell fabrics too and do monogram as well as industrial laundry services.

What does fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion is a personality expression. Fashion speaks and it defines one’s style. Fashion and style are all about life.

What is your driving force?

The desire to create a fashion hub in the Confluence State. I want to make Raykon the best and we have a wonderful Manager who has creatively driven the business to this height.

When I left the primary school, my dad wanted me to become a tailor. My mum protested vehemently and I went to secondary school and later to the University to study Animal Science. I love good dresses and spend a lot doing them. My husband too is a Fashionista. So I wanted to create a different kind of fashion entirely. That led to the birth of Raykon Home of Fashion. We are training a lot of young people too to realise their fashion dreams.

What have been your challenges?

 Every business in Nigeria suffers the same challenge. Banks are not encouraging enterprises to grow. The issue of power supply too is challenging. We rely on generators for most of the things we do here, which raises our cost of production. But the whole experience has been rewarding and interesting.

Where do you hope to be few years from now?

I want to become the biggest fashion name in Nigeria. Creating the best, training the best and defining our culture in fashion language.

What sets your business on top of others?

We do things uniquely and professionally. We do not compromise standards. We work on deadlines and still produce the best. That makes us the choice fashion destination; Raykon Home of Fashion located at T-Square Plaza, Opposite 4th Republic Housing Estate, Lokoja will always deliver on deadlines.

Who are your clientele?

We have fashion for all categories of income. Men, women, youth, and all classes of people.

What makes you happy?

Whenever a customer is satisfied with our service, I am happy. Seeing people happy in our designs.

How do you unwind?

I watch movies and watch fashion shows. I drink and eat fashion.

How far have you gone with achieving your goal?

Very far, but still a lot of ground to cover. We are expanding our dreams every day.

What is your philosophy of life?

 Make people happy, live life. Write your own story. Do unto others what you expect from them.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a wonderful wife and a loving mother of three great guys. I am a relentless goal driver and a Christian. I am a worker in the Redeem Christian Church. I love life.

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designer is Titilayo who, unfortunately for our competitors, is the managing director of Raykon Home of Fashion. She is organised and creative.




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