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Obey God’s Commandments, American Cleric Advises Nigerian Leaders



Nigerian leaders have been advised to turn to God and and obey his commandments as they search for solutions to the country’s myriad of socio-economic and political  problems.

The advice was given in Abuja  yesterday by Elder Marcus Nash, an American cleric of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the special service to mark the division of Abuja Nigeria South Stake and creation of Abuja Nigeria Wuse Stake – equivalent of a new diocese.

Nash, who is based in the Ghana regional headquarters of the church, declared that the need to adhere to God’s instructions in conducting the affairs of men on earth could not be overemphasised as it was critical to enjoying His favours and blessings.

According to Nash, leaders in Nigeria and indeed elsewhere, must “live at higher level of integrity, honesty, forthrightness and hardwork and keeping the commandments of God. That blesses the whole nation and provides the nation with solid citizens.”

He stressed that Nigerian politicians should “love God and put Him first rather than choose which commandments are convenient.”

He said that if he were in their position, “I will live by God’s commandments and I will trust God. I will take no counsel from my fears but I will trust God and watch what he does in my life. It will be amazing.”

He further declared that the creation of a new Stake with a new leader was directed by God, so to the congregants,”I say they need not take counsel from their fears but to take counsel from their faith in God. Keep all the commandments and covenants by which we bind ourselves to God; and then He can lift us. If we live like that, then he can lift us individually and as a people”.

Also speaking on the occasion, outgoing president of the Abuja Nigeria South Stake, Elder Edima Okon Oku-Ukpong, admonsished that “we should continue to take the gospel of Jesus of Christ to other children of the heavenly Father. We should continue to show a lot of love among ourselves.

“Ministering is caring for people, thinking about their welfare and preparing them for the second coming of Christ. Everything we do here is to prepare for the second coming of Christ because nobody knows when it will be”.

“So we need to do our utmost to prepare. Satan is working overtime to ensure the gospel of Jesus does not spread but it is our responsibility to push him aside and get the gospel to the people and make them care for each other and love God.”

Speakers at the conference, which held inAbuja,  included president Eric Ibeakalam Mbibi, president Obinna Alaribe, Elder Christian Chigbundu, President and Sister Tay.



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