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AFAN President Advises Youths To Use ICT To Drive Agriculture



Mr Kabiru Ibrahim, the National President, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) has appealed to Nigerian youths to embrace agriculture and use ICT to drive it.

Ibrahim made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja.

He said that in the past, people used to think agriculture was a dirty job, “it has gone beyond that, there so many new technologies used to make farm work easy’’.

According to him, if youths with the knowledge of ICT will get involved in agriculture then the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow.

“What we have is almost subsistence but if young people will go into it, they do it very well and take it to a new level where it will be purely business.

“There are so many opportunities in agriculture that ICT can use to drive agriculture forward and take us to the next level.’’

According to him, some Nigerians youths have taken into agriculture compared to what it used to be but there is still need for more participation.

“My advice to the youths is that they should embrace agriculture. I started agriculture in my 40s and I have no regret whatsoever.

“Am encouraging our youths to get into agriculture, especially today where a lot of them are being deceived into taking arms against the society.’’

Ibrahim said that it was easier to get a job with agriculture than white collar job where there would be crowd wanting to join any organisation such as the CBN, Civil Defense, Immigration.

“After the long process of applying for job that will never be given because there so many people available more than the jobs.

“In some places, over one million people will apply for a position of hundred thousand,” he said.

“Agriculture is the answer and the population of persons in agriculture is more than 50 per cent of the whole population.

“And at the end, this will bring a lot of prosperity far more than just going to work in one office where they get N50, 000 or N60, 000 at the end of the month.

“Where in some places you will only learn to be corrupt because the salary cannot keep you in Abuja for instance, where the accommodation and transformation is high.

“But if you have you own farm, one thing you are guaranteed is availability of food,” he said.