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Student, 21, Killed By 3 Sharks As Parents Watched In Horror



A California college student has died after she was viciously attacked by three sharks while swimming in the Bahamas on Wednesday.

Jordan Lindsey, 21, of Torrance, California was snorkeling near Rose Island in the North Atlantic Ocean waters around 2pm when she was attacked.

She had traveled to the island with her family on a tour boat that brought visitors to the island for snorkeling and to see wild pigs when the sharks appeared.

She suffered devastating injuries in the attack where her right arm was torn off and she suffered bites to her left arm, both legs and buttocks.

Investigators believe there were three sharks involved.

Lindsey’s parents said they saw the sharks approaching and yelled to warn her but she didn’t hear them in time.

She was rushed to the shore and taken to Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau, where she was pronounced dead, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said Wednesday.

‘We can confirm a U.S. citizen in the Bahamas succumbed to her injuries following a shark attack on June 26,’ a State Department spokesperson said to ABC.

Lindsey’s body will now be taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau for an autopsy and then transported to California by the US Embassy, according to Deputy Commissioner Paul Rolle as per WPLG.

‘Her name was Jordan Lindsey…we already miss her so much. She was so caring. She loved all animals. It’s ironic she would die getting attacked by a shark,’ Jordan’s father Michael Lindsey said in a statement to NBC.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Jordan’s sister Madison to help with her funeral expenses.

‘Jordan Lindsey was a beloved daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend. On June 26, 2019 Jordan was tragically killed from a shark attack in the Bahamas,’ the page says.

‘Jordan’s body needs to be transported from the Bahamas back to her home of California, which is very expensive. This GoFundMe is being set up to help Jordan’s family pay for any travel and funeral expenses for Jordan’s body. Any amount helps. Thank you.’

Lindsey was a student at Loyola Marymount University set to graduate in 2020 where she studied Environmental Communications.

Texas tourist and doctor Jace Holton, 32, was on that tour boat with Lindsey, who was accompanied by her parents, and snapped a picture of a shark in the water following the attack.

She said that the tour took visitors to a roped off section to snorkel with two guides for a period of time before moving to another side of the island to see the wild pigs.

Holton said she snorkeled in the exact spot where Lindsey was attacked just 45 minutes before the predators approached.

‘About 45 minutes after we snorkeled in that exact spot is when people ran on to our side saying a girl had been bitten by a shark and it look pretty severe,’ Holton revealed to

‘On my side of the island we didn’t see any. But everyone got out of the water and we were pretty scared,’ she added.

‘When we were getting back on the boat there were two small sharks still in the water and there was one large shark that I sent my brother a picture of that was still in the water,’ she said.

Holton says that after the attack several tour boat workers jumped into the water to save Lindsey and an emergency boat arrived on the scene to rush her to a hospital.

‘I kind of wish I had been there in that exact moment. Not that there’s more than you can do in that situation but you kind of wonder,’ Holton, who is a doctor, said.

Holton said the guides on the tour boat were shocked to see the sharks appear.

‘I think they were all pretty stunned and shocked honestly from what I understand it was pretty severe,’ she said.

The investigation is ongoing. Lindsey was the only victim in the attack.

‘The Ministry of Tourism, on behalf of the Government and the people of The Bahamas expresses its condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of the victim of Wednesday’s shark attack off Rose Island, near New Providence,’ the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas said in a statement.

Lindsey’s death marked the first fatal shark attack in the Bahamas in more than a decade, according to the Shark Research Institute.

Rose Island is an 11-mile stretch of uninhabited beach off the coast of Nassau.






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