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We Are All Pretenders, I Swear…



Every day, we post and share beautiful manifestations of other nations’ greatness, we talk about the greatness of others yet don’t strive to be like them by doing what they did to be where they are. We lament about our situations and blame others for our nation’s woes when in reality, we are the actors of our problems. We combined to make the country what it is; we are all the crooked lawyers, we are the treacherous civil servants, we are the non empathic doctors and caregivers, we are the lecturers who aren’t honest with our teaching tools, we are the traders who prefer to make more profits for small wares, we are the leaders who shortchange the governed.

Sincerely, when was the last time we cleaned the gutters in our streets? The garbage we produce, where do we dispose of them? You heap them and call ‘mai colada’ to go trash them- where is the dumpsite in your community? You don’t know because it does not exist. We build houses without considerations to the ecosystem.

We are a people of collective errors who all pontificate in self absorptions, blaming everyone and no one for our woes. If we all do our bits religiously, our society becomes better off. We are where we are today because of our collective actions and inactions. Therefore, spare us the everyday social media shares of others’ greatness when we are not even ready to be the desired change.

We preach every day yet commit the heinous crimes of hate, bickering and malice, tragically, we are the first to share testimonies of godliness. Don’t preach what you are not poised to practice, it smacks hypocritical facade. Pretenders everywhere, we claim civilisation but we are backward in thoughts and deeds. We live in sustained mutual distrust, even amongst the same tribe, there is conflict of interest. In this clime, people of same faith can’t even marry themselves if they are not from the same church, the same way the izala can never allow his daughter marry the son of a dharika.

Bunch of crafted hypocrites who spend time preaching love but never living love. They are only united in sentiments but never in progress. They have the tablets for heinous conspiracies but never one model for development. Since 1960, they freed themselves from the claw of colonial rule, they have achieved nothing but war, corruption and deaths. People went to the moon but they remain stagnant in tribal furies. They maim and kill themselves – dancing azonto on the shallow graves of their countrymen and women. They prefer to mourn the deaths of Christians and Muslims instead of that of humanity. It is a shame -clime where lives never matter, they are mostly warmongers. Smelly people we are.

Every day, we wake up with stained minds and very bitter feelings. We talk venom and chew bitterness like they are on the voyage of extinction. We are perpetually disgruntled. Where would this take us to, I want to know.

After all the political and religious inanities, what are we gonna be remembered for in our families, among our cohorts and the society?

The time is not gone, the day is still very young. Let’s make a halt and reevaluate our dispositions – nothing is late until late. I am seriously tired with plenty of noise about the failings of our time. What can we do to address these grey fields should be our next preoccupations and not this every wailing, gnashing and lamentation.

Pick up your broken pieces, purge yourselves of the constricted venom and begin a new template that would be beneficial to you and your community. Resentments do no one good but sap one his inherent productive skills. In all the noises on the social media, I am yet to find traces of children of the rich. While we show ourselves, they watch afar, laughing at our naivety.

If you are on social media every day, talking about the ills of the society and you are not making any effort to change the society, brothers and sisters, you are wasting away. Also, if you are here everyday and you are not making money, please ask yourself what is your benefit in all of these?

Again, take the gauntlet from the basket of inanities and begin a purposeful voyage that will be beneficial to you and the society. As for me and my household, it’s all impacting voyage.



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