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Timi Dakolo, The Real Man Of Time



In this clime, never speak out against infringement, you won’t get sympathy but scorn. They will make a joke of your pain and leave you sorer. I speak from experience, because I am one of them.

In this clime, you have more defenders of absurdities than those angered by vices. We have seen them defend looters against their govt. It is not new, it’s our ethos.

A woman debauched by the man she trusted, her family chose to cover up the crime because of stigma. She was left battered, bruised and walloped in excruciating pain. For years, she lived in bottled grief. After many years, she was fed up with her hidden burden and got a man who believed in her happiness. She opened up to him and he rose in her defense, giving her the needed canopy of support. He helped her to heal and she is now a free bird – with unclipped wings. For Busola, this is her freedom path and she has arrived. She is healed and happy while her alleged rapist groans in stained conscience. She is up and he is torn in the shreds of nature’s verdict.

For Timi Dakolo, you are the man that should represent real men in the table of heroism. Even with your fame, you chose the happiness of your wife over the distractions that come to your career. You are the man women should idolise, for you have defined what manhood is; a supportive rod of existence not only for copulation but for emotions. Most men would shut their women in dead silence and allow sleeping pangs of yesterday slip by. You are the macho man of all centuries.

And for those in celestial defenses, shame on you. For those hired to burnish the image of her ‘debaucher,’ continue, the millions will run out and more abusers would be left in multitude to wreck the world, this time, your cherished loved ones; for he who nurtures the snake will be bitten by the same snake – evil comes to perpetrators and her enablers.

And the protest? No need, instead re-channel the route from COZA to Women Affairs, to Human Rights Commission, to the NBA to the National Assembly and demand justice for Mrs Dakolo and other many victims of debauchery. No amount of shamming will reduce the membership of COZA, in fact, it may even witness more influx – this is how the world is. The stained are more attractive than the righteous. It’s a generational reality. Indoctrinated minds can never be swayed by the atrocities of their leaders but emboldened. Karl Marx wasn’t in drunken state when he echoed, ‘’religion is the opium of the masses.’’ Remove religion from the head of man, you have paradise on earth. I say so.

Just like the Church, the Mosque has its ugly stories like the one herein I titled ‘Lord of the rod’…

In one of the satellite towns in Abuja, Nyanya, to be precise, was a very disciplined and experienced Arabic teacher who implanted Arabic knowledge into the minds of people mostly married women. He was so good at his trade that his influence soared in leaps and bounds. For this reason, women thronged his Islamiyah.

He was revered, venerated and adored in the Muslim community, this fame, however, came crashing when one day, Mallam was busted – not for his teaching dexterity this time, but for his amorous adventures. He had graduated from Arabic implantation to implanting himself into his students – married women!  He was sleeping with them in their vulnerability. He fell to the weakness of the flesh and found himself excavating lands that weren’t his.

While almost all his victims sulked in depression and didn’t expose him, it took a woman who couldn’t tolerate the rodding troubles of Mallam as she blew the lid and all hell was let loose. Investigations carried out and the can of worms in the closet of Mallam was let opened and rotten maggots of shame splashed everywhere. More women spoke out and the numbers were frighteningly unimaginable. Mallam had severely shattered the sacredness of these women. Very few of these women survived their marriages as some went dangerously into depression. Attempt for spiritual expansiveness has wrought them woes and pains.

The testimonies of five women were enough evidence for conviction, and Mallam was convicted first by the court of humans, he was banished, ostracised and de-robed of any dignity. In shame, he thinned out into oblivion.

Yes, join the campaign to stop people from abusing vulnerable persons, stop giving them cover, with shaming, they will stop their debauchery. Like the people of Nyanya, you can cleanse worship centers of randy rods.