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Emanuela Orlandi Search: Empty Tombs Fail To Solve Vatican Mystery



Two tombs exhumed and opened after an anonymous tip-off in the search for an Italian teenager who went missing 36 years ago are empty, the Vatican says.

Any remains would have been tested for DNA in connection with the teenager’s disappearance

The family of Emanuela Orlandi received a letter earlier this year suggesting the 15 year old’s remains might be in the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery.

But a police search found no human remains in the tombs, the Vatican said.

Not only did the tombs not contain Emanuela, they also did not contain two princesses thought to be buried there.

Investigators open one of the tombs at the Vatican cemetery

“No human remains or funeral urns were found,” the Vatican said in a statement on Thursday.

Ms Orlandi’s family had hoped the Vatican graveyard held the key to a mystery that has gripped Italy since 1983.





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