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‘How I Escaped Being killed By Sniper’



An Ijaw activist in Gelegele community of Edo State, Olu Omaghomi, yesterday narrated how he was made to drink a substance meant to kill him by his abductors.

Omaghomi told newsmen in Benin that for three days he spent with his abductors, deep into the forest between Ologbo in Edo and Koko in Delta State; it was by the grace of God that he is alive to narrate his story.

He was kidnapped on Monday, July 1, 2019 along Airport Road, Benin City by eight armed men in two vehicles and escaped from his abductors on Wednesday July 3.

Omaghomi said that for the three days that he was in captivity he was not fed with any food nor was he given water to drink.

He said that although he was not beaten, he went through hell as his hands were tied all through the days he spent in the forest.

The activist said: “How i managed to escape from my abductors is a miracle. İ went without water and food for three days and almost lost my sense of reasoning.

“They had prepared concoction to forcefully make me drink but I managed to gulp somehow and later spat it out without their knowledge. However, when they discovered that nothing happened to me, they sent one of the boys to town to buy the deadly Sniper that was meant for me to drink.

“İt was at this point that I muster courage to help myself to escape and miraculously, it worked. When I saw others went to smoke leaving just one of them, I told him I was pressed and he untied me. That was how I trekked for several hours to find myself outside the forest,” he said.

Omaghomi said his abductors kept him for reasons he was yet to ascertain.

“They kept making contact and saying they were waiting for instruction from their  master who they called ‘General’,”  he said.





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