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Destiny Calling



We still don’t know what to make of the Assistant Superintendent of Customs who first promoted himself to deputy-comptroller and then proceeded to ask the Comptroller-General to handover to him by orders of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces! I’m assuming he said with immediate effect!  He even looked the part; tall, dark and handsome walking with a sense of purpose as seen in what will become an iconic picture of him that he will look at and remember as the day he almost made Comptroller-General!

The customs man, two steps behind him in the picture, fit the role of his aide-de-camp (is that what they call them?). Anyway, he was a witness and should be hurled in for questioning. If I was asked to hazard a guess, I would say that the sheer audacity wasn’t in a fit of mental illness but a bold statement to the point that it was time for a non-career man at the helm of affairs to quit the stable. He probably was also making a direct statement to his superiors that they lacked liver to challenge the status-quo.

However, the very fact that he walked to the CG’s office with such audacity and demanded that Uncle Hammed hand over to him smells like a suicide mission on the other hand. He has one thing going for him that will give him a soft-landing and tuck him back gently to his current ranking – he is from Katsina State and he did mention that the President had told him to takeover.

The way this thing works must be that it creeps up on you. If not, how come no one noticed that he had started going cuckoo? After all he was still in active service. Let me be fair, madness schizophrenia can hide in plain sight.  While we await the results of the psychiatric evaluation, we are in such perilous times that I think we are all due for psychiatric evaluations.

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