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Rice Packaging Business In Nigeria



Rice is an important staple crop in Nigeria. It is relatively easy to produce and is grown for sale and home consumption. In some areas, there is a long tradition of rice growing, but for many rice has been considered a luxury food for special occasions only. With the increased availability of rice, it has become part of the everyday diet of many in Nigeria.

Nigerians spend not less than N1 billion daily on rice consumption, while spending has drastically reduced, consumption has increased because of increased local production of the commodity.

“The consumption rate now is 7.9 million tonnes and the production rate has increased to 5.8 tonn es per annum. ’’This is as a result of CBN’s Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) with a total of 12 million rice producers and 4 million hectares of FADAMA rice land. Since inception of the program, it has created economic linkage between Small Holder Farmers (SHF) and reputable large-scale processors, thereby, increasing agricultural outputs and significantly improving capacity utilisation of processors.

Rice Packaging And Branding Business

With the above, you will be sure of getting enough quantity of local rice to package and brand with your own name. The local rice is available in different states in Nigeria such as, Kano, Kaduna, Enugu, Gombe, Niger, Kebbi, Ebonyi, Anambra states etc. All you need to do is buy the 100kg bag of stone free quality local rice, then brand and bag into different kg such as 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg with your brand name and supply to shops. Branding in rice is key as your brand will sell your rice as long as it is good.

Things To Consider Before Going Into Rice Branding

Capital: The capital you need depends on the scale at which you want to operate such as small, medium or large scale, but any amount from N250,000 will go a long way.

Rice variety: You really need to investigate all kinds of rice varieties in Nigeria. At least the popular ones in your area or areas where they are cheap.

Market: Decide your market, better still, look for one. Your market is your business and not the product. Yes, the product is the value you offer for money, but the people in your market are the ones that will pay. No pay, no business.

Miller: This is where your work really starts. You need to go to the rural areas where there are local rice millers. Look for a miller with “near modern” equipment and excellent parboiling and drying techniques. Also look out for high level of hygiene.

Your brand and packaging: After all the work has been done. You must present yourself, your product with the right package to attract the buyers, including a good name that will sell.

Finally, the return on investment is sure as Nigerians are now aware of the nutritional value of local rice over the foreign one, which has little or no nutritional value. As far as you have a good rice to your brand name, you will sell and be patronised by Nigerians, the government and its agencies.



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