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Insecurity Can Be Fixed In Nigeria – Expert



Apparently worried by the spate of insecurity ravaging Nigeria, the executive director, Newstime, Mr Tony Oyatedor, has said that all the challenges can be fixed with concerted efforts.

This is just as he called on the Nigerian Government to make peace with the insurgents and militants, take more preventive than reactive measures to end insecurity.

Oyatedor, who is also an author and motivational speaker, well known across Europe, America and Africa, said the peace talk became necessary not because they want to but because they just have to, to save more lives from being killed by what he called “twin problems”.

According to him, “leadership must make peace with the twin problems, not because they want to, but because they have to. To suggest otherwise would be inaccurate. Terrorism is error and sins of ignorance and thoughtlessness. With the twin problems came excruciating distress and severe pain to Nigerians.

“The twin problems-Boko Haram and Niger Delta Militancy, will be promising to move from bitter fighting to close friendship with the leadership of Nigeria through the help of Newstime. The situation in Nigeria on the twin problems is a legacy of many years of problems.

“It is not something that happened over night. We are not going to be able to resolve it overnight with a snap of the finger. We must not take sides. Our work is not to condemn, but our work is to accomplish reconciliation and peace.

“The twin problems in Nigeria are serious problems and no one is working to fix it, they only talk about it but Newstime has the solution, and we will roll up our sleeves to work and fix it for good.

He lamented that, though Nigeria is a country rich in natural and human resources, it still suffers from widespread poverty, due to bad leadership. Saying, “Peace, prosperity, development, security will bring Nigeria back as giant of Africa.

“For every and anything we do not have, employ people to build or produce it. We have the human and natural resources in abundance.

“Oh for God so loved Nigeria that He gave them everything, Oyatedor said.”



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