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Why I Visited Cosgrove – Ahmed Musa



Super Eagles Captain, Ahmed Musa has revealed real reasons why he visited Cosgrove Investment, stating that he is inspired by the class and quality status of homes built by the construction industry giant, Cosgrove.

‘I want to own a Cosgrove home,’ he Super Eagles Captain said.

The Super Eagles captain who led his convoy as he drove himself in his mat-black coloured latest edition of the C63 AMG Mercedes Benz arrived Maitama-Katampe Cosgrove Site at exactly 1.51pm on Saturday in the company of his bosom friend since Kano Pillars, Abdullahi Shehu.

Dressed in a trendy joggers and D&G designers top, Ahmed Musa was visible impressed with the mode of operations of the premier real estate development organisation, he commended Cosgrove for sustaining its lead of the country’s housing sector.

The Principal Marketing Officer, Cosgrove, Ochua Umoru who welcomed the august team.

She explained that the Maitama/Katampe Cosgrove Smart estate sits on a twelve hectare land in the FCT, it is by the expressway opposite Ministers Hill, Maitama. It is a major deal inspired by the pressure we received from the public after our previous estates.

She explained that Cosgrove began operations less than two years ago with the Wuye Smart Estate which consists of over one-hundred-and-sixty smart homes, but which was sold out in three months because they are signature homes that showcased the latest designs and advancements in housing technology.

‘After selling the Wuye project, Cosgrove received increasing demands for more more smart homes. In response to the demands, we embarked on a second project in Mabushi, near Blue Cabana which was even sold out before we cleared the land,’ she added, stating that the quest for more homes inspired the organisation to embark on the third project in Guzape, which she said has also been sold out.

‘Addressing the Super Eagles Captain and his team, she said: ‘Now, you can see that we have commenced the fourth Smart Estate, which is the Katampe/Maitama Cosgrove Smart Estate, and we are delighted that we will be providing more villas to those who want to live in homes of a great kind.

Discussing the features that will typify the Cosgrove Estate at Maitama/Katampe, Umoru said: ‘The estate would be super-smart, and would consist of about three hundred housing units of various types, to include seven-bedroom luxury villas, five bedroom fully detached, five bedroom semi-detached, four bedroom terraces and two bedroom luxury apartments with maids room and elevators,’ stating that every home will be fully automated and will feature the latest innovations in housing technology, meaning various state-of-the-art facilities.

‘The location of the fourth project is most strategic; directly opposite the prestigious Ministers Hill which is probably the highest highbrow area in Abuja,’ she added.

Chief Executive Officer, Cosgove, Mr Umar Abdullahi who later welcomed the Super Eagles Captain to the Wuye Cosgrove Smart Estate said ‘trust is the the foundation of every relationship,’ adding that at ‘Cosgrove, trust and professionalism are at the core of operations.’

Umar who has delivered over ten estates in his decade long real esatte developent career said Cosgrove will continue to get the best known brains in research who will work to provide ideas which implementation will sustain Cosgrove’s status as premier real esatte development in the country.

He said ‘Cosgrove has established a very robust Research and Development (R&D) Department that exists to study, think and propose new strategies and methods that you are not likely to find anywhere else. So, we devote a lot of funds to their foreign travels, seminars and interaction with housing research institutes and establishments in Nigeria and overseas.’

‘Our R&D staff are abreast of advancements in innovation in various aspects of housing and construction such as automation, security, training, housing finance and others. So Cosgrove is committed to innovation, forward thinking and every new thing that is coming into the market space.’