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Nigerians Urged To Embrace Healthful Benefits Of Ginseng



At the monthly culture day programme of the Korea Culture Centre Nigeria (KCCN), Nigerians were urged to embrace the healthful benefits of ginseng with the introduction of the Korea Red Ginseng.

Ginseng, a short, slow-growing plant with fleshy root contains ginsenosides, components responsible for its clinical effects, which help boost immune system, reduce fatty acids, act as anti-oxidants, boost brain power and regulate blood sugar level.

Containing natural steroid glycosideo and triterpene aspirins, the effects of ginseng in the human system is not entirely known, but with research, testing and development, Korea’s red ginseng, is proven, besides the five main health benefits of ginseng, a functional ingredient for improving bone health; and when paired with certain foods as chicken soup increases electrolytes lost from the body when one sweats.

This, KCCN Cultural Officer, Meeyoun Ji says earned Korea the world’s best ginseng producer over there ginseng growing Asian countries as China and Japan.

Grown within a six-year period, Korea red ginseng, Cheongkwanjang, produced by the Korean Ginseng Corporation was introduced in Nigeria in 2017, via a local health organization, MarvegloPlus, resident in Lagos.
Speaking at the event, entrepreneur Ekwoi Ochigbo, who commended the benefits of the herb notes that it is locally grown in Nigeria, and can be found sold in its natural, unprocessed form by herbal medicinists at roadsides in the FCT.

“There are variations in ginseng in terms of quality, owing to soil properties, but it is no minor but ginseng have similar functions in general. The difference among Korea’s, China’s and Nigeria’s ginseng is that Nigeria has not researched and refined it’s ginseng into various supplementary products. We are yet to invest in the technology, research and promotion required to make our ginseng meet international standard.

Buttressing Ochigbo’s point, Ji says Nigeria ginseng if it does exist should be researched and the results made known to determine its effectiveness on the human. “With that the country can create and promote products from it.”

Ji who grew up consuming ginseng in many ways, freshly ground with milk as beverage and as a supplement, as a young child to adulthood says she has never had malaria since her over five years of living in Nigeria.

“Healthfulness is a priority for everyone. In Korea, we have four different seasons, winter and summer being the harshest, and we switch seasons every three months, and so we have to adapt to these different seasons. Consistent consumption of ginseng helps us withstand the harsh climates.

“Asians live longer and are trimmer looking owing to the herbs they eat, of which ginseng is one of them. One lesson Nigeria can learn here is to return to nature and avoid over processed food. We have many herbs in Nigeria.

Ginseng is in a class of its own because unlike other herbs that do one thing, ginseng does many things. Nigeria should look into and harness the healthful and entrepreneurial benefits of ginseng,” says National Gallery of Arts, NGA, official, Bozo John-Uya.



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