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‘NHRC Collaborating With Amnesty International To Destabilise Nigeria’



The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) has accused the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of allegedly serving as a puppet in the hands of Amnesty International in its well-orchestrated plot to destabilise Nigeria.

Although NHRC could not be reached for an official reaction, a staff of the commission who prefers anonymity said the allegation is baseless and laughable.

Following the international non-governmental organisation’s (NGO) recent alliance with the RevolutionNow group, several Nigerians began a seven-day protest to demand its eviction from the country.

According to these Patriots, the London-based NGO have long-overstayed its welcome in the country, sponsoring different agendas to portray President Muhammadu Buhari’s government in a bad light in the international space.

Instead of investigating the claim of these Nigerians, the NHRC unsurprisingly jumped in defence of Amnesty, a move which has become synonymous with the agency.

In a statement signed by its Executive, Secretary Ibrahim Abubakar, on Wednesday, SHAC reckoned that the clearly compromised NHRC has derailed from its core mandate with a recent history of sympathising with terrorist organisations.

The group, therefore, called on the Federal Government to investigate the NHRC and its leadership with a view to establishing the extent of its complicity in the destabilization agenda that Amnesty International is running.

SHAC said, ‘’We realize that Amnesty International has been condemning the occupation of its offices by these CSOs that are resolute on saving Nigeria from its grip. It has been blowing hot about how it would not be intimidated while also doing what it knows how to do best: lying that those protesting against its criminal activities in Nigeria are pro-government or are being sponsored to decry the crimes it is committing in Nigeria. Several ineffective groups have been conscripted to join Amnesty International’s lying train.

‘’The follow-follow syndrome of some compromised NGOs that have joined Amnesty International in echoing its lies appears understandable to some extent. Some of them are sub-contractors to Amnesty International in delivering projects and assignments aimed at destabilizing Nigeria – some of the NGO’s staffers actually owned such groups. Others are participating in helping it to destabilize Nigeria because of the money they are getting from the same circuit of sponsors and financiers for which Amnesty International is running errands. Some others are doing what they do out of ignorance – these are those that have the ridiculous belief that anything foreign or international is naturally superior or better than the indigenous content.

But an NHRC staff told our correspondent that the allegation by the NGO amounted to cheap blackmail.



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