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No One Saved Abia From ‘Hawks’



Modern life and living revolves around money. The relatively scarce characteristic of money makes “prudence” in its management topmost priority.

The recent publication in a national daily wherein a full page comment was sponsored by “Concerned Abia Youths Forum”, signed by its Chairman, Comrade Cyril Ahamefula, and et al, raised a question-mark on the person of Obinna Oriaku. The publication brought to light the case of the dog that ate the bone hung around its neck. The newspaper commentary begs so many questions about Obinna Oriaku while he held sway at the helms of Abia State Ministry of Finance.

In his feeble attempt to discharge the burden of obvious facts against him, like expected, he went on a wild goose chase in his rebuttal.

Did any sane mind expect, our 2023 “Governor” to own up to those staggering facts?

His explanations are vague, devoid of substance but laden with self-praises and invisible records of his achievements while the situation on ground differs from his claims.

May I remind Oriaku that good financial management is like salt in the soup, you need not tell the blind about its presence. It seems only Obinna Oriaku sees the good in his efforts. Facts are, we handed our Ministry of Finance erroneously to the wrong person who has no good intentions for Abia State. He sees himself more as ‘Onye Enugu’ than ‘Nwa Abia’. Obinna Oriaku claimed that he is being persecuted because he “refused to play ball”, if I agree without conceding, could Obinna Oriaku show us the visible and impact assessment of his “refusal to play ball” on Abians and the state?

Mr Oriaku is on a mission to tarnish the image of our hardworking governor. During the 2019 Workers Day, the pensioners clearly stated who the architect of their troubles is. We may recall that not even the governor’s name was on their placards but Obinna Oriaku, our billionaire commissioner for finance.

Obinna Oriaku often claims to be a billionaire even before coming to work as commissioner, can he prove this with substantial evidence? Talk is cheap Mr. Finance Commissioner.  Fresh from the banking industry, you were nothing close to a billionaire. Mr. Oriaku, you cannot be claiming that you have saved Abia from “hawks” when there are no physical evidences to support your much taunted managerial prowess to counter those who are constantly saying that you are the real enemy of the state.

Please show us your achievements, then explain the myriad of difficulties that have bedeviled Abia State under your watch. You have done enough damage to Abia State. Please take a bow and leave us in peace.

Can Mr. Obinna Oriaku answer these questions about Lloydant Business Services Ltd to the satisfaction of Abians?

Where is the Exco and Governor’s approval for their engagement? What was the process of their bidding?  Why is Abia’s payroll done in Enugu? Where is Governor’s /Exco resolution approving such?  Did their engagement receive clearance and the approval of Abia State House of Assembly?  How come, despite his claim of doing a good job, salaries are owed in ministries and the higher institutions where this company is operating?

He claimed that the company has been operating in Abia State long before he took over, can he react to the date on the letter he endorsed which obviously contradicts his claim?  Could You, Mr. Oriaku, substantially address the allegations raised by the “Concerned Abia Youths Forum”?

– Ukwa is a member of Abia Youths Vanguard



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