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Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well – Eche-Ben



How did you come into stardom?

Acting had always been a part of the entertainment industry that I wanted to explore professionally from a very tender age. So, when my sojourn into the entertainment industry began it was only natural that I tested the waters of Nollywood first but eventually I also tested my hands at Modeling and presenting which saw me appear in various Television commercials and Radio, Billboards, Press, Calendars, Magazines and Handbills for many popular front-line multi-national brands and organizations, appearing in a number of Nigerian Music Videos as well as hosting a good number of entertainment, talk and game shows on TV and also hosting some live events.

Which of the movies did you play your first role as an actor?

The first movie I starred in was titled MACABRE. It was based on cultism and was shot between Lagos and Obafemi Awolowo University. It was premiered at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos before taken on a tour of Nigerian universities but was never released commercially. I played the role Arthur, a naïve young fresher in the university who saw cultism as a form of solid protection after an episode of intimidation and assault he faced at the hands of other undergraduates which had devastating consequences for him and his crew.

What is the hardest role you have had to play and why was it difficult for you to portray the character?

I’ve had to play many different difficult roles that I can’t specifically point out one as the toughest but in all every role has its own level of difficulty and would require a tactic different from the others to play because one is dealing with different personality traits of different fictional or real persons.

What is your fondest childhood memory?

The fondest childhood memory were the few years I was opportune to spend with my mother. I knew only unadulterated unconditional love and being a special child I was my mother’s favorite. I was so attached to her, and that automatically made me everyone else’s favorite. Another aspect of growing up was the time that I also got to spend with my maternal grandmother who also showed me so much love almost like my mother. The memories of those times I would definitely carry for as long as I live.

What aspect of the entertainment were you always inclined to?

Acting, for me, started unprofessionally in primary school when I would always represent my class in interclass and inter house events and equally represent my school from primary all the way to secondary school in debates, quiz and drama, being a member of the Literary and Debating Society as well as the Drama Club. But I would take it professionally in the twilight of my teen years and since then, despite the innumerable downs along the way, there has just been no looking back.

What is the secret talent you have that people generally don’t know about?

I may not choose to call any talent that I have that people really don’t know about secret. They’re probably just incubating and developing until the day an opportunity comes for me to showcase them and I will rise to the occasion. So just watch closely because they may have already gradually started getting unveiled.

How do you cope with your female fans?

The female fans are always there and are a big part of our audiences. They show so much love for what we dish out and they have to be acknowledged and respected for the love and attention they give to us. I really do appreciate them.

What has been your inspiration?

I would say God inspires me because I am in constant and perpetual awe of all His creations, especially nature.

Tell me about yourself and background.

I’m from Imo State. I had my tertiary education at the Lagos State University (LASU).

What differentiates you from others?

Well, each individual is born with unique talents and gifts as well as traits that set them apart from every other person. So apart from my gifts and talents as well as certain personality traits, I try to always be me and do things my way as opposed to trying to imitate others. I also believe in the saying that “anything worth doing is worth doing well” and I guess that shows up for me.

How do you describe your personal style in terms of fashion?

In terms of fashion, since my childhood I’ve always had a style that is me. I never have the urge to want to dress up or look like others, going only with what appeals to my fashion sense and that I feel totally comfortable and confident in.

Any future projections apart from acting?

Apart from acting there are many things I have my eyes set on, so many other things I intend to do and many ideas to work on which are already in the works and will keep unraveling as time rolls by but by and large, acting, which I consider spiritual is always the main staple and I’ll always keep at it for as long as the industry ‘allows’.

What is your advice to upcoming actors?

I would always tell the upcoming ones to never stop developing themselves with every chance they get so as to ensure they evolve with the times and also to remember that humility and character would get them to and keep them in places where attitude and arrogance won’t.



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