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#RevolutionNow: Our Collective Resolution Or Another Tug At Our Intelligence?



When two brothers fight to death, a stranger inherits their property – African proverb. We as Nigerians must rise and be conscious and well aware of the war trade between China and America, and a probable impending global recession. Germany has started showing signs of an economic recession as their trade data has shown a second quarter contraction with a drop in exports. “Chinese investors led by Prof. Zhao Zhihai were in Nigeria to announce an Agro-processing investment that will replace US farmers with Nigerian Agro exporters. China is investing $16 to $25 billion dollars into building processing facilities in Nigeria as Trade war bites China and the US.

The US Ambassador Stuart Symington also announced that the US is also increasing it’s agricultural investment in Nigeria. It is investing $300 million dollars to develop 5 crops in Nigerian states of Delta, Ebonyi, Cross river, Benue, Kaduna, Kebbi, and Niger. Another clear indication that China and America are fighting for Nigeria. Burger King, the American fast food giant, has also announced plans to build mega outlets in Nigeria to challenge the $1.2 billion dollar fast food market being penetrated by KFC outlets.

Nigeria has just bested Ethiopia in the ease of doing business at #146, bouncing up from a former #170, out of 190″. (Facts culled from Omasoro Ali Ovie). These are just 2 examples of the FDI flowing into our country. Some with Machiavellian tendencies have highlighted that oil prices could boom to Nigeria’s favor, were the US to decide on invading Iran. Did you proudly watch the Brigade of Guards along with our different cultural troops display at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo? I did and vibrated ecstastically! Nigeria is currently the most beautiful girl in the world in the investment destination pageant and I wonder why a Nigerian or Nigerians will want to plunge us into chaos?

We live and dwell, wine and dine with the good the bad and the ugly in our midst and that is of grave concern and in need of Express attention via a rigorous national re-orientation. One week ago, the Enugu police arrested a 69 year old cripple who happens to be a gun manufacturer for robbers, kidnappers, herdsmen bla bla bla. The Benue police also paraded a man who raped and impregnated a 10 year old girl, at an IDP camp who has since delivered in Makurdi. There was also the case of some young graduates that partook in the kidnapping of the mother inlaw to Gov. Masari of Katsina state. A total of roughly 3 to 4 billion naira was embezzled by some civil servants at the Petroleum Equalisation Fund as they fell by the baton of the EFCC guards. 21 Nigerians were on death row at Malaysia for importing drugs. Interestingly, there isn’t an ethnic tribe with the monopoly of crime which downplays the recent stigmatisation of herdsmen by herdsmedia.

The revolution we need is one that seeks to re-orient our minds and nurture our moral uprightness such that we abhor crime and its perpetrators, and be steadfast enough to report criminals in our work places and neighborhoods.

Mind boggling, heart-aching questions were raised by a trending online video which I must emphasize here. Where was the revolution when oil installations were bombed by militants? Where was the revolution when foreigners were kidnapped by militants and huge ransoms were demanded? Where was the revolution when political assassinations were taking place and even an Attorney-general of the federation was killed and yet no answers were found as to the perpetrators of the killing? Where was the revolution when planes were crashing almost monthly and the only explanation given by Femi Fani Kayode who was the Aviation minister at the time, was that there were cultists in government? Where was the revolution when our universities were dying and government officials were building private varsities and libraries? Where was the revolution when we had over 700 terrorist attacks in one year during the previously ousted Jonathan administration?

Some insist PMB called for a revolution when he cited the Egyptian example in 2014, but are economical with the truth that he asked Nigerians to copy from Egyptians and vote, and make sure their votes counted. PMB has been contesting elections since 2003 and has challenged results each time to the supreme court level and lost in all attempts. Some say he led a coup and again being economical with the truth. He never did but was only invited to lead the government by the military establishment at the time.

Lawyers and legal luminaries have come against Sowore’s arrest and the security handling of the #RevolutionNow protests, insisting that they have a right to protest. Sure they do. But like every profession, lawyers too have one or two tricks up their sleeves and can interprete and manipulate laws to suit whichever side of the matter they are on. It is obvious they were backtracking and retracting Sowore’s revolutionary statements and leaving out the protests aspects. Sowore said it was a revolution and that PMB will no longer be in Aso Rock, and so will he bring an end to the SSS. There is more than a stark difference between a revolution and a protest. Sowore’s statements and proclamations were that of a revolution and if you may, akin to a coup declaration. Even coupists dont come on air to spit on the face of the SSS and the president before they unleash their activities. They do so after they have been successful. Sowore played his martial music before he was successful.

Sowore is a politician and a presidential aspirant who performed woefully with a mere less than 40,000 votes. Sowore is not the persona or ‘candidate’ to lead such a cause or revolt against a democratically elected government. Sowore does not posses the scruples to do so. His antecedents are in the public domain, from his school days, to the recent claims by former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, about him jumping bail. Sowore’s party has suspended him and have recently expelled him at their convention 2 days ago. When Obasanjo writes his letters and we are all quick to condemn his message because of the messenger, I wonder why Sowore is not being treated in the same manner? Sowore runs Sahara reporters who are notorious with catchy breaking news items which are many at times untrue and all they do is quickly delete them; no apologies, no retractions. Some claim the whole idea is a sponsored endeavor. Sowore met with IPOB leader Kanu who is for the fragmenting of Nigeria. So is that the kind of ally to lead Nigerians into a revolutionary movement?

Hush hush commentary (still being investigated) all over the place says that 1 million dollars exchanged hands from Dubai. As a patriotic Nigerian, I do not see myself being part of a sponsored revolution or bloodshed in my country as insecurity has become a thriving economy world over. Recently in America, a motorbike misfired at a crowded event in Times square New York and everyone scampered for cover, sustaining injuries, only for security agents to declare that there was no shooter! Let us be wary of where we allow unscrupulous people calling us to mayhem take us to, while their wives and children are tucked away in mansions or flats in the UK and US etc. Let us be grateful for the abode we have here because we have nowhere to run to. Let us find amicable ways to solve our problems and not be misguided by presidential aspirants seeking attention, seething from a woeful showing at the polls.

– Tahir is Talban Bauchi.



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