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Women Are Naturally Enterprising And Multitasking – Maryam



What drove your passion for the craft?

Honestly, after I had my daughter, something within me awakened. I knew I needed to change something about my condition. I couldn’t just be a housewife, I needed to be something else, something more, so she could have someone to look up to (having served for 4 years without a job) I dug deep within myself, found a hobby I loved(crafts and beauty) and thought how do I make money out of this? So I went online, found courses and went for the class. Behold, I founded Éclat by Mariri. We make organic artisan bath and body products for personal use as well as gifts and souvenirs!

What is your take on today’s woman?

Personally, I feel the position of today’s woman is at an advantage. Everyone is more enlightened about the wants and needs of a woman. And because women are naturally enterprising and multi-tasking, and thus more productive- with the right platform, we can launch off and achieve great success in everything we put our minds to.

What are the challenges so far?

In life generally, one of my greatest challenges has been keeping my head up but thankfully I’m learning that as the day goes by. And with my business, it’s been sourcing affordable quality materials locally and creating a niche market for my products.

Would you describe yourself as a fashionable person?

I think I’m a fashionable person, because I believe no matter how great a thing is it can always be better. So with the right fashion and style, a woman can be anybody and go anywhere without fear of prejudice or judgment.

What is your favourite genre of music?

I listen to all types of music depending on my mood but my all-time favorite is the Folk Music because it is ‘real music, by real people’ straight from the heart- usually the emotion within these songs are earthmoving and tangible.

Where are you from?

My dad was born in a small village called Auchan, in Ikara Local government, but I was born in the heart of Kaduna State. I’m 28 years old, I am a graduate of Biological Sciences from Ahmadu Bello University, a wife and a mother of one. I am the founder of Éclat by Mariri, I specialize in making organic artisan bath and body products.

Where is your go-to tourist site in Nigeria?

Farin ruwa falls in Nasarawa State Nigeria. Is it still up and running though? I’ve not been there in a long time.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to binge on YouTube. I find relatable vloggers to subscribe to. I just love knowing random facts about things, people and places and YouTube affords me that luxury.



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