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Motorists Lament Deplorable State Of Dutse-Bwari Road 



Motorists plying Dutse – Bwari express road in Bwari area council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are lamenting the deplorable state of the road, which they said has become a death threat of motorists mostly at night.

The motorists who were visibly angry yesterday in a gridlock caused by a car that broke down in the middle of the road as a result of a deep gully in the road, which left motorists stranded in the gridlock for more than an hour, called for urgent attention from the FCT authority to put an end to their plight on the road.

Mrs. Gladys Chukwudi, one of the angry motorist lamented that the bad state of road has caused her queries in her office, because no matter how early she leaves her house to hurry to work, she always get to the office late.

According to Chukwudi, the road is supposed to an express road that goes to Kaduna, Bauchi and other parts of the north, that she wonders why the FCT administration is failing in their responsibility and do not want to take the maintenance of the road serious.

“Almost on daily basis you see top government politicians plying this road to their States and even the FCT Minister comes through this road, and I wonder why they do not care about the road. This road has become a death trap and also contributor to major damages in our cars.

“I am sure that this is a federal road, so that FCT administration should come to our aide and put this road in order for the benefit of road users. That is why they are the government, they are there to make living standard improve for everyone and if they failed to do that, that means they have failed the people,” she said.

Another visibly angry motorist, Sunday Idachaba, said that when the road was rehabilitated about a year ago, they thought the rehabilitation was going to bring a lasting solution to the challenges faced by motorists and residents on the road on daily basis, but they are disappointed that the road has gone from bad to worse in just a year after rehabilitation.

“This Dutse-Bwari road is the worst major road in the entire FCT. I am even ashamed to see that this kind of road exist in the FCT.  This road that we thought would bring permanent joy to our hearts as motorists and residents drive their cars, has become a death trap to us, because the road has gone from bad to worse.

“However, I will attribute this development to the use of substandard materials for the rehabilitation of this road and also the lack of drainage system. Because if you construct a road, without putting in place a very good drainage system, that means you do not want the road to last long, no matter how good the materials you used for the construction,” he said.

Another resident of the area, Hassan Usman, who also lamented that he had an accident on the road, because of the deep gully in front of the Dutse Alhaji market when he was returning from Bwari town, called on the FCT authority to come to the aide of the motorists by ensuring proper rehabilitation of the road.

“The fast dilapidation of this Dutse – Bwari road is as a result of lack of drainage system. When it rains heavily as it is happening now, you will see massive flood on the road.  That is enough to spoil any road, not matter how good the road is, not to talk of when substandard materials are used for the road.

“So, I will advise that if the FDCA is constructing roads in satellite towns they should make provision for drainage when rehabilitating the road in future, so that the roads in the satellite town will last as long as that of the city, which I know are always with drainage system,” she said.