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Regina Daniels: In The Eye Of Time



A line from the advert of Regina Daniels on Hip TV, an entertainment  channel i saw on Wednesday,  August 23, by 8.00pm says she is “a star in the eye of time”. If you don’t believe, then see the advert again.

It was a brilliant phrase to capture the life of Regina yesterday, today and the future.

The advert is in itself a story. It showed Regina as a child star, looking so innocent, then as a rising star with those scanty dresses they wear and finally an authentic star. But the big cars we see her in showed that she is a different brand of Nollywood star.

Married to a business magnate, Regina now lives like Hollywood stars, not Nollywood. A colleague that saw the advert with me said, “Regina don go-oo. This girl’s eyes are now in the sky. She is gone international, chaii”.

But one cannot but appreciate the quality of rebranding in that production. The Delta born star looks at home with her new status as big, rich Abuja wife even though young . She looks calm and confident.

Credit must also go to her husband who still encourages her to continue with her career inspite of all his money. News has it that the man is doing everything to help improve her career. He also encourages producers to hire her and to pay her the normal fee she is entitled to and not look at her as a big man’s wife. This position of her husband some how reflects in Regina’s life as seen in the advert. For instance, while she is seen with state of the art cars, her dresses, make-up and general aura look simple. She still looks like a normal girl, she didn’t plaster her face with loud make-up or wear outlandish jewelry and so on.

Seeing her charity works in the advert also speaks volume. She is one of the few Nollywood stars that are truly doing charity works. And for a girl her age, she is simply amazing to be thinking seriously of good works.

We can only pray that other big stars in Nollywood and in fact all big men and women in Nigeria can emulate this young woman. As my colleague Ifediba Ezeh summarized “we should be praying for more Regina Daniels in our society”. And we agree as the advert says, she “is good news”.



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