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As Bayelsans Go To The Polls



As Bayelsa State gears up for yet another governorship contest, the stakes are indeed high as many believe that this election will crucially determine the fate of generations of Bayelsans both present and unborn and it is being watched closely by media pundits, political activists, stake holders and the general public alike.

The consensus seems to be building that the time has come for the state to do away with perpetual politicians and ubiquitous influence peddlers that covet power for self-seeking ends rather than advance the interests and welfare of the common Bayelsan on the street.

Now is the time to elect a tested, trusted, experienced and altruistic man of the people preferably a seasoned technocrat who can understand the basic and complex rudiments of governance in order to lift the state out of it’s present doldrums to the apex of political stability and economic prosperity.

Undoubtedly, Amb. (Dr) Godknows Igali, former Secretary to the Government of Bayelsa State, Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway and Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Power emeritus fits this billing perfectly.

As Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Water Resources and later Ministry of Power,  Amb. Godknows Igali played a decisive role in ensuring far reaching policy reforms, programs and initiatives that restructured, re-organised and recalibrated the two ministries for a more credible, responsive and efficient service delivery to industry stakeholders, manufacturing concerns and the Nigerian people as a whole.

The various River Basin authorities that were used to receiving funds from the Federal Government without any tangible improvement in their capacity utilisation or productivity were given marching orders to either shape up or ship out as it would no longer be business as usual, but in fact business unusual no more, no less.

The woebegone days of receiving unrestricted government largesse without transparency or accountability ended abruptly with the assumption of office of a resolute and uncompromising Amb. Godknows Igali who left no stone unturned in his unrelenting quest to sanitise and revitalise the previously wasteful and inefficient system of administration.

Indeed the Bayelsa-born technocratic avatar was ready to step on any toe no matter how powerful or influential in order to ensure that the various parastatals, agencies or commissions under his supervision were operating optimally thus justifying the sizeable subventions they received regularly from the Federal Government and to a large extent, Amb. (Dr.) Godknows Igali succeeding in stamping his footprints in the annals of the various ministries he served not caring whose ox was gored in the process.

However, this principled stance did not mean that Amb. Igali was an administrative autocrat or institutional authoritarian, in fact Amb. Godknows Igali ran an open door, inclusive and accommodating managerial style that was receptive to all manner of ideas, opinions or viewpoints, no matter how differing or dissenting they may be from the mainstream or conventional viewpoint.

He encouraged his staff and management to constantly think outside the box in order to re-energise and re-calibrate the system thus taking overall efficiency and productivity to the next level in all positive ramifications. With his vast, unparalleled and overarching experience in the diplomatic, administrative, technocratic and crucial leadership arenas, it is only logical and rational for Amb. Dr. Godknows Igali to seek the mandate of the good people of Bayelsa State in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in line with the well-worn aphorism that charity begins at home.

Having served the nation effectively both within and outside its shores, the time has come for the Man of the Moment to assume the reins of state governance in the Glory of All Lands in order to avail Bayelsans of his tremendous and proficient administrative prowess that has stood the test of time even when he was a super-achieving Secretary to the Bayelsa State Government.

The task at hand is quite arduous but not insurmountable and an agile minded Amb. Godknows Igali is best placed among the array of governorship contenders to restore the lost glory of the state and harness its prodigious human and material resources thus launching it as an undisputed hub of commerce, finance, industry, ICT and aquaculture.

Indeed, the administrative master plan that Amb. Godknows Igali has in store for the teaming Bayelsans populace is quite revolutionary as it is refreshingly pragmatic and people-oriented taking into consideration their overall welfare and wellbeing. Education, health, provision of clean water, agriculture, power, roads and infrastructural development remain at the forefront of the able Amb. Godknows Igali’s policy desiderata without neglecting other areas like manpower development and youth and women empowerment which are crucially interlinked with key policy thrust objectives.


– Preye wrote in from Bayelsa




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