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Ihedioha Seeks Collective Efforts To Tackle Environmental Challenges  



Imo State Governor Emeka Ihedioha has called on relevant stakeholders including environmental transformational activists, as well as economic and political leaders to reach a common understanding towards combating environmental challenges in the nation.

Ihedioha noted that the protection of natural habitats has weakened adding that nation as a whole has recorded net losses in natural forests.

Ihedioha who disclosed this during the formal opening speech at the Nigerian Green Cities Summit in Abuja yesterday with the theme: “Brown To Green: Enhancing Wellness and Livability” said the altering patterns of production and consumption, as well as migration, are essential to reverse environmental degradation and combat climate change.

Represented by his special adviser on Sanitation Alex Emiziem, he said ‘’Our major focus in Imo state is to reclaim our green land by planting 25 million palm and trees, 20 million palm and 5 million trees and we are developing our nursery so that we would not be buying our trees and seedlings. We have planted 7,000 trees in less than 100 days in office and still planting. We are focused on what we want to achieve and we have employed 350 gardenersto carry out this task.’’

Emiziem noted that rapid urbanization, expansion of manufacturing, and the consumption of an emerging middle class has led to an increase in material demand.

According to him “The United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (UNESC) analysis shows that at the current rate of progress, only one Sustainable Development Goal is on track to be met, which is universal education. Environmental stewardship has sadly remained inadequate.’’

He said the health of our rivers and oceans, urban and rural environments, and our livable spaces in general, have deteriorated since the baseline in 2015, with more than 40 percent of coral reefs and 60 percent of coastal mangroves lost, also economic activities that would have naturally been generated and forestalled from our tourism- friendly livable spaces, are rather untapped.

‘’We live in one of the most resource-intensive Countries in the world, albeit yet to be fully or substantially tapped. Economists and Industry Change Makers predict that our Environment can produce about 45 percent of global domestic tourism-generated material consumption alone if harnessed and developed,’’ he said.

He added the goal of the current administration in the state is to rebuild Imo and make her great again through our ‘Go Green, Stay Clean’ Environmental Transformation Initiative.




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