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Yahaya Bello’s Unwavering Penchant For Good Governance



Against the run of so many skewed thoughts about governance in the confluence state and the subsequent surprises that emanate from the recent World Bank award received by the youthful, visionary leader and Governor, Yahaya Bello on best portfolio performance, further confirmed the abundant presence of the tripod transparency, efficiency and accountability which form the base of good governance in kogi State.

Beyond the award is the penchant of GYB to always place service above selfish interest. Many governors alike wished for the same accolade but lack the requisite prudence, fiscal discipline and political will to engender development to the detriment of unwholesome appetite that comes with public service. Its a World Bank programme where Kogi State was adjudged as the best performing State in terms of prompt payment of counterpart funds and effective utilization of funds in execution of World Bank assisted programs in Nigeria.

It takes a purposeful governor like Bello who has vowed at his inaugural message to against all odds utilize the resources of  Kogites for their collective good, to be found worthy of an award by a reputable organization like the World Bank on accountability, prompt payment of counterpart fund and good utilization of fund as stated by the frame work.

Just like many noble awards he has received, he believes it is not the end in itself but a means to the end. He believes it is a call to more service, especially when it involves service to humanity.

Consequently upon the award of recognition and  ideology of more service,  commitment to sustainable growth, improvement in social welfare and infrastructural development in Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has directed the release of funds for the payments of counterpart funding to exercise it commitment in respect to all World Bank assisted projects across the State.

The Kogi State government has released the sum of  N1,079,000,000.00bn to be shared accordingly to various World Bank Project portfolios.

On Kogi State Community and Social Development Agency N200m was released; On Kogi State Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project RAAMP, N300m was released. On Agro-processing, productivity enhancement and livelihood improvement support project N200m was released; On Kogi State FADAMA III N112m was released On KGS Value Chain N87m was released; On Kogi State Innovation for Malaria Prevention Treatment and Control N30m was released; On Kogi State Accelerating Nutrition Result In Nigeria N50m was released; On Kogi State Primary HealthCare funds N100m was released totaling N1,079,000,000.

In the light of the above, the commitment and passion of Governor Yahaya Bello towards the development and livelihood of Kogites is very evident. These are verifiable facts beyond the rhetoric of opposition politics. This commendable gesture will further add value to our health sector, agricultural development, community and social advancement.

Therefore, when we advocate for continuity GYB, it is on the premise that he has performed so much and there is still gamut of work to be finished using the new direction blueprint as a referral. Let us harness greater dividend of democracy by consolidating with the 2nd term mandate of Governor Bello.

The greater kogi project must not be thwarted on the basis of politics and primordial sentiment. GYB has done much more than his predecessors which are crystal clear across the state.


– Idris is Kogi State  Commissioner of Finance and Economic Development



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