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Expert Advocates Introduction Of Societal Value In School Curriculum



The proprietor of of At-Tarbiyyah STEM School, Mrs. Amina Abubakar, has called for an introduction of societal values and discipline in their school curriculum, in order to have a better society.

Speaking during the school’s open day ceremony held at the weekend, Abubakar, noted that corruption would be minimal in our society, if the young students are taught societal values and discipline in schools.

She pointed out that if students grow up having a sense of the community value and not individualism, such students would want to protect the interest of others and not fight for him or herself alone.

“We want to bring up children that are disciplined and well cultured. What we have today, everybody is an individual, and we are not a community again. We are trying to bring them together and they can look after each other that is what we call a family.  With this, the right of others would be respected.

“Students in our school set table for themselves and clean their dishes and parents were made to ensure they do the same at home decrying the practice where parents employ maids to these chores in some homes.

“Most of what we have today, children don’t have responsibilities in their homes, they eat and leave the plates. They wake up in the morning and leave the bed the way it was because they have house helps that is why when they grow they only think of themselves,” she said.

Abubakar said people carry some good or bad practices into adulthood and exhibit it at their work places, that is why a corrupt person can take billions of naira which he does not need, while the person next door might not have food on the table.

“Individualism is the problem that breeds corruption, where everybody is  thinking of himself, wife and family,  without thinking of others.  So right from the beginning we have to change our mind-set and look at each other as a community, not as an individual. That is what we want to inculcate in our schools,” she said.

She however urged parents to balance Islamic and western education, adding that the school infuses Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics into all its subjects to ensure students are innovative in their studies.

“The most important thing is the science. The science we have in most schools are theory, that is why are bringing in practical. We want to be exposed to the practical aspect of learning; the students are starting with the practical till the end of their study. So, at the end, we hope that we have innovation. We are going to engage the children in critical thinking,” she said adding that the school is opened to everybody and not just Muslims.