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Bayelsa Guber And Issues At Stake



With the Bayelsa governorship elections a few months away, it is becoming manifestly clear that no matter how much money is expended by political money bags and so-called heavyweight politicians to sway the hearts and minds of the voters, they by and large remain determined to throw their weight behind an outstanding prolific and highly expended personality with solutions to the myriad of challenges afflicting the state’s numerous socio-economic sectors.

Indeed the Bayelsa people are well regarded for their astute political consciousness and cannot be hoodwinked by perpetual professional politicians who are always ubiquitous in political contests and slugfests without anything to offer the people. They are always at their best in dishing out vainglorious, empty promises that they have no intention of fulfilling if and when they receive the mandate of the people.

Therefore the Bayelsa populace have become the wiser for it and have vowed this time around to line up behind a governorship candidate that has performed resoundingly well in the crucial technocratic, administrative and diplomatic arenas and is poised to deliver critical dividends of democracy to the people regardless of sectional, linguistic or cultural affiliation.

Amb (Dr) Godknows Igali perfectly fits this module as he has what it takes to propel the Glory of all Lands to the highest levels achievable in the political, economic, infrastructural, and industrial spheres. Indeed Amb Igali has prepared a holistic blueprint that is meant to bring development right to the doorsteps of the rural and urban masses as he has assembled a team of tested and trusted technocratic apparatchiks and trailblazers from the nooks and crannies of the state and even beyond raging with enthusiasm, ideas and perspectives on how to transform the state to the level of the famed Asian Tigers e.g. Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore.

Amb (Dr) Godknows Igali was the Secretary to the State Government of Bayelsa in the early ‘20s and his academic and technocratic prowess was brought to the fore in recalibrating and restructuring the state’ civil and public service thus ensuring that productivity, professional competence and technical excellence permeated throughout the length and breadth of the Bayelsan MDA structure.

Amb Igali ensured that all manner of cronyism, favoritism, godfatherism and all other negative isms were totally eradicated from the bureaucratic system and only those that were ready work were elevated while chronic laggards or persistent malcontents were eased out, no more, no less.

Undoubtedly, Igali‘s tenure as SSG in Bayelsa State witnessed a rapid transformation in the major sector of the state’s economy thus kick -starting  a revolution of sorts in the infrastructural, industrial and agrarian sectors due to the fact that he went to great lengths to weed out corruption, inefficiency, waste and maladministration in the system. As far as the super-achieving SCG was concerned, only the best was good enough for Bayelsa as he had a peculiar distaste for mediocrity and  lackluster performance in all its negative manifestations.

Having engineered a social-economic revolution as SSG, and later moving on to the diplomatic arena where he served the nation as Ambassador to the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway, Amb (Dr) Godknows Igali displayed his mettle as Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and later Ministry of Power thus consolidating his awesome reputation as a super-achieving public servant and diplomatic plenipotentiary per excellence.

With this positively intimidating credentials in the public service arena, Amb Igali is heads and shoulders above any of the governorship aspirants in any of the parties be it PDP, APC, SDP etc. Indeed those that are ready to work for the development of the state have nothing to fear from the able diplomat, even those that constituted cogs in the wheels of progress of the state have the opportunity to turn a new leaf and join hands with Amb (Dr) Godknows Igali in his noble endeavor to restore the Glory of All Lands to its previous Olympian Heights of glory, prestige, influence and achievement.


– Stephen wrote in from Bayelsa.



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