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Patriotism And The Dalung Narrative



Barrister Solomon Dalung is a native of Plateau from Sabon Gida in Langtang North local government area. A trained lawyer from the University of Jos, a seasoned administrator, a lecturer, stakeholder and immediate past minister of Youths and Sports.  He is also a reknown writer, social commentator, comrade, humanitarian and an advocate of one indivisible nation– a man who is potraying the virtues of  the late Sardauna of Sokoto, J.S. Tarka,  late Sir Kashim Ibrahim, Obafemi Awolowo and other leaders of the early republics, who all served to keep Nigeria as one indivisible nation. 

Advocacy for One Nigeria

He has spoken extensively on issues bordering on our corporate existence as a nation both in national and international fora. He spoke extensively on why Nigerians should vote President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 against his fellow Christian brother, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Solomon Dalung has won the admiration of fellow Nigerians who followed his template of building a nation that is focused on bringing quality leadership to the nation.

Nigeria is culturally pluralistic and ethnically heterogeneous in nature which  makes it difficult for quality leaders like President Muhammadu Buhari to emerge until the likes of Dalung took advocacy of voting against tribal and ecthnic sentiments. Successive administrations had failed in bringing Nigeria under  the umbrella of unity but rather succeeded in using religion as a tool of divide and rule. The political climate in Nigeria  has now changed since 2015 when Solomon Dalung, a Northern Christian openly advocated and stood for viable leadership that has a vision for a new Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari. Dalung was criticised by many who saw him as promoting a Muslim presidential candidate against his fellow Christian candidate in 2019 though the critics were later silent when fellow Muslim brothers constested on different party platforms. 

The comrade was vindicated in the last elections that his idea of supporting the man he stood for in 2015 was not based on personal ego and political benefits but in the interest of building  a nation that will rebuild our industries, revive our economy, create employment for the teeming youths, fight corruption and restore the lost glory of the nation. 

Arewa and the challenges of unity

The major challenges of Arewa today is the failure of the region to  be united in dealing with its numerous problems of ethnicity that has succeeded in destroying the region for decades despite its huge potentials. A region that has progressive youths like Dalung cannot afford to throw them away on account of  their stand  on national issues and lofty virtues of unity and service to nation.

Dalung has stood strong to advocate for this nation that was built by these noble Nigerians of blessed memory.  I have hope today that despite the challenges under the present political despensations, the future is very bright. The future is bright because we have at least for the first time a leadership that is out to fix the rot in our nation. One unique feature of Dalung is his courage to speak and stand on issues that people of his kind can hardly speak about.  We must encourage people like Dalung to lead so that we can grow beyond negative sentiments or else we help in building a ship that will sink all of us.

The narrative of exclusion by other religious bigots that one can only acquire Qur’anic knowledge and Western education  under his biological parents is a blatant lie to further keep us away from each other. Solomon Dalung has shown that Christians and Muslims are the same, worshipping the same Almighty God via two different means. The adoption of his  two Fulani kids from far away Zamfara and Plateau is a clear indication that the man in question is a nationalist and a patriot as well as a symbol of One Nigeria. 

– Comr. Mohammed writes from Bauchi State


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