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The Hateable Fulani



English is both an interesting and crazy language at the same time. It has words with similar sounds in pronunciation but which have different meanings; these are called homonyms. Among these are homophones that are pronounced alike but written (spelt) differently. Those that are spelt in the same way but have variant meanings are christened homographs. In this class are the words with similar spellings, similar meanings, but are pronounced differently.

I, however, reckon concededly that this interesting feature of the English Language is shared by many other languages. In this piece, therefore, as a caveat, a word may sound familiar or similar to another, but it may mean something entirely different from what it appears to be.

Another caveat is that the sentiments expressed here are only to expose the foolishness of hatred on the basis of ethnicity, tribe or religion, and not to deride any ethnic group (al-Hujuraat, verse 11).

Do what you may, but know that whatever you do to others, the same shall be done to you, sooner or later. So said some Muslim jurists.

These Fulani people are trying to dominate other ethnic nationalities in what birthed after the 1914 consortium. No wonder then some nationalists averred that the amalgamation was an egregious mistake. At a time when one of the regions was deep in a benighted era of nakedness, superstition, idolatry and cannibalism, another was at the peak of monotheism, scholarship, and its nakedness encased in adorned raiments. Thus, the nationalists viewed the 1914 consortium as a chimaera!

The Fulani are the bitterest opponents of the amalgamation and have consistently sought for a divorce by words and deeds, even though they are the greatest beneficiaries of the union, establishing businesses in nooks and crannies within as well as beyond the shores of the country. Some have become very successful in the sphere of their expertise; or are they?

One such successful Fulani is one Kado christened Obinwanne Okeke, a young businessman and CEO of Invictus Group. This Fulani young man surpassed Kevin Mitnick in the area of hacking; where Kevin did not steal in his myriad escapades into the account of various companies, Obinwanne hacked a steel company’s account and made a wire fraud of $11 million. Until his recent arrest by the FBI, the Kado was able to mask his fraudulent activities with a flawless business facade. This Yahoo boy has defrauded US companies of a whopping $20 to $22 million between 2011 to 2019.

To the Fulani, money should be amassed by any means necessary – kidnapping, armed robbery, drug trafficking, or internet fraud – having money by whatever means into your account makes it legal. Ninety-nine per cent of criminals on death-row for offences like drug smuggling are Fulani. In the United Arab Emirates, recently, some marauding Fulani attacked a bureau de Change in Deira, Dubai. They were not winners in the race.

On the xenophobic attacks against members of the consortium, we have to search deeply for other motives. We detest what the South Africans are doing against foreigners and their businesses, especially against a people whose country has spearheaded the struggle against apartheid. Even Baba Go Slow has acted swiftly this time around by sounding a dire warning to the South African authorities, pulling out of Economic Forum Meeting in the country and threatening to recall our ambassador. But we should not be oblivious of the fact that the abhorrence is somewhat occasioned by the Fulani drug cartel in the former racist enclave. We should be prepared, now that they are being expelled from their South African base, these Fulani drug barons will import their drug wars into the country as they did in a church massacre sometime ago in Ozubulu, Anambra State. The genesis of that killing was in South Africa but the spillage from the theatre of dug war reached the consortium.

In the list of online fraudsters unveiled by the FBI seventy-four out of seventy-seven are Fulani. Just ask Professor Google for the full list.

It is baffling the support that the Fulani give to the IMN of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky. I hope it is genuine support for human rights and the rule of law. The Fulani claim Jewish origin. Let them ask Nnamdi Kanu who jumped bail and fled to Israel what is the relationship between the Shi’ah and the Jews. When the time comes the Shi’ah will not discriminate among the repudiators of their creed whether they are Muslims, Christians or Fulani claimants of a Jewish origin. It is apparent that whatever will make Baba Go Slow look bad and will create more problems to his government and his ethnic group shall be pursued and supported by the Fulani. But who is immune from the Fulani aggression? A former Deputy President of the Senate was assaulted, disgraced in Germany because according to them he does not represent the Fulani even though he was there as a special guest in a meeting organised for the advancement of the race.  The fire devours itself if there is nothing to engulf!

As human beings, we are fallible and liable to committing many uncalled-for modes of behaviour. No ethnic group is a band of angels. We all have in our midst the good and the bad. There is no superiority of one tribe over another except it be by right conduct. The Qur’an calls on people to remember their origin, from a pair of a male and a female, widespread into nations and tribes, so that they may recognise each other, and not deride one another. The best among us is he who is best in conduct. Even with the variations in our languages and colour, we are called upon to respect one another through recognising our differences and accepting the fact that right conduct sets us apart from, and gives us superiority over others.

The international community will hardly discern who among us is an internet fraudster or a drug trafficker and who is not. We are all in it together. The reaction to these crimes by the Fulani will affect all of us as we apply for visas to other countries, as we arrive into foreign lands for whatever reasons and as we engage in any contractual arrangement. We can do little to avoid being painted with the brush of internet fraudsters and drug mercantilism. We are all Nigerians!


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