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Bayo Oluwasanmi: A Good Example Of Arm-Chair Critic



Each time one reads Bayo Oluwasanmi constant vituperations on President Muhammadu Buhari and his dependable Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, one would see in Oluwasanmi a man, who out of sheer laziness, stayed at home sleeping while others were going to farm during season of seeding, only to blame his neighbours for lack of food during harvest. It is an utmost aberration, if not a complete disappointment for a ‘quinquagenarian’ like Oluwasanmi to still reason like a teenager in elementary class.

Bayo Oluwasanmi recent vapid vituperations published by Sahara Reporters where he called the President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo unprintable but undeserving names, is not only uncharitable, it is unpatriotic, childish, and foolish, especially coming from a man of his age. However, those who know Oluwasanmi would not be surprised of his uncouth and uncivilised disposition. He is notorious for his unbridled, reckless and senseless aspersions, as he cannot run commentary without resorting to insolence. Indeed, old age does not guarantee wisdom.

Oluwasanmi, like every arm-chair critic of this government, writes without facts, throwing watery tirades that only make sense to his co-wailers who do not see anything good about this government. This writer continues to think the best way to make a case in public discourse is to be disrespectful and discourteous. What he does not understand is that such a petulant conduct builds for him, not only a notorious reputation, but a future harvest from his own children & family who one day would be ashamed on his behalf.

When the barbaric news of the monstrous killings of foreigners in South Africa broke, many people thought that President Muhammadu Buhari ought to have sent missiles to attack South African consulate in Nigeria, without recourse to commonsense.

To think that the President will jump into such serious issue without investigation and consulting experts, show how ignorant, retarded and educationally backward some people are. Oluwasanmi belongs to the category of people who believe that the Presidents reaction was not radical or fierce enough, considering the gravity of havoc South Africans wrecked on the foreigners.

The easiest thing to do in life is to criticise but most critics are not problem solvers. Give critics jobs to do, they will fail woefully. More devastating is the fact that most critics in Nigeria are not even sincere; they write to gain attention, after all, the emergence of Internet and social media has made everything so easy. Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry now masquerades as journalist. Yes, even those who cannot manage their homes are on social media providing direction to the government.

For example, Oluwasanmi described Presidents approach to xenophobic attacks as slow and aloof. For this critic, the first approach the President Buhari ought to have taken was to go on television and assure Nigerians that South Africa would pay heavily for the act.

He went further to say that the President would have immediately recalled our embassy staff from South Africa and immediately close the South Africa embassy in Nigeria. He would have ordered all South African businesses in Nigeria to temporarily vacate our soil until things are sorted out. He would have made his anger known to the South Africa President. Most important, he would have ferried every Nigerian in South Africa back home and sever relations with South Africa. What a pedestrian

Although pluralism of opinion is a good for democracy, it seems internet has entrenched and popularised the culture of mediocrity in Nigeria, as many people who cannot even manage a home are on social media providing direction to the government. It is even more destructive that many of these so-called experts have merchandised their criticism  it is a form of service rendered to justify the crumbs given to them by their paymasters. If not, what expert knowledge does a pseudo-character like Oluwasanmi possess to advice government on international diplomacy?

Someone should remind Oluwasanmi that Presidential decision is not like individual decision. It is usually complex. Decisions are usually taken after weighing several options. To think that the President will just bump into issues without investigation and consulting sensible people is to think like a naive teenager in elementary class.  Is not true that scores of pictures that are being circulated on social media about the killings of Nigerians in South-Africa are fake, deliberately circulated by enemies of this government with the intention of sparking internal crisis? Situations like this require diplomatic resolutions, not violent reprisals or radical approach.

Moreover, we have more Nigerians in Johannesburg or Pretoria compared to the number of South Africans in Lagos or Abuja. Nigerians are adventurous when it comes to earning a living. They travel far and wide to make a difference in their chosen endeavour. Also, no nation of this world is an island. Americans and Europeans travel to smaller nations to work and that does not in any way suggest that their leaders are incompetent or their countries underdeveloped.

President Muhammadu Buhari was not the only person that was called unprintable names by this teenaged-adult called Oluwasanmi. In fact, in the said article, the writer poured scorn and disparaged the personality of the Vice President. He said thus: Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo who many believe is more intelligent and capable than Buhari is no asset to the administration. So far, with all the bundles of mistakes and other political malpractices committed by their administration, there’s no shred of evidence that Osinbajo fills the void of inadequacies created by his boss.

There is absolutely no doubting the resourcefulness and reliability of Osinbajo in helping to steer the ship of nation building under the leadership of President Buhari in times of peace and in times of turbulence as they often happen. It’s no exaggeration, too, that Osinbajo remains one of the most cerebral Nigerians to have occupied the position of Vice President within the context of the country’s embrace of democracy. More so, the Vice President complements the President, he does not fill a void as suggested by Oluwasanmi.

Finally, there is no need repeating the obvious that President Buhari needs a dedicated, loyal, competent and intelligent Vice President for him to consolidate and even expand the broadband of his achievements in the last four years even as he engages his next level agenda. Let the critics be reminded that in Prof. Osinbajo you will find a perfect complement to the President.

Besides the illogical submissions, Oluwasanni writes with the porosity that questions any claims he may have to a decent education and it is in his interest not to publicly disclose where he was educated otherwise he will risk rubbing off his rising infamy on the other decent people who graduated from the same place. This is a public commentator to watch, not for his brilliance but for his absurd manners; reminds one of the witty words of Yoruba sages: it is entertaining to watch the mad man perform in the market, but not to have one as a child. That summarizes the matter of this incredulous writer.


Abdullahi O. Haruna Haru-spice writes from Garki Abuja



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