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Buhari’s Certificate Of Integrity



Even those who didn’t graduate properly are saying Buhari has no WAEC certificate yet he rose to become a soldier, General Officer Commandant, governor, minister, an alumnus of the prestigious United States War College, head of state and now president. Just because people are averse to deep reading and historical leaning, they swim in intellectual arrogance.


President Muhammadu Buhari joined the Army with his WAEC certificate, in 1985. When Ibrahim Babangida maliciously overthrew him, they confiscated his documents and left him in prison. Not even the death of his mother touched IBB’s heart to release Buhari. And ss a victim of elite’s conspiracy, Buhari has continued to suffer the combined onslaught of those who think Nigeria belongs to them.

In 2015, he was viciously harassed and scandalised over this certificate saga by Goodluck Jonathan and his men. It took the intervention of the court to save him from their planned plots. He didn’t only shame his traducers but went ahead to win the 2015 elections.

How then can the same certificate issue come up again if not for vain mischief? The laugh eventually is on those who actually believe the president has no WAEC certificate. The school he finished from released his certificate to the public, the Registrar of WAEC at the time, testified to issuing Buhari his certificate, all these puts together did not make any sense to those who are obstinately poised to believe anything negative about Buhari.

If he dares go after those who plotted against his aspirations to the extent of confiscating his credentials, the same people will shout verses that portrays the man as vindictive, wicked and unforgiving. The man who is behind the disappearance of Buhari’s certificate is alive, he orchestrated the clampdown and had his evil boys seize Buhari’s credentials so can he do the needful and tell the world the whereabouts of Buhari’s credentials?

A man who was the head boy in his secondary school, same man who hosts his secondary school classmates every year and has one of the former presidents of the Court of Appeal and former Inspector General of Police as classmates cannot be said to not have a secondary school certificate.

You may not want to vote for Buhari but please, stop the needless character demonisation of this man whose only offence is to distribute the wealth of the nation to every Nigerian.

If all the media onslaught against Buhari didn’t work in 2015, is it now that it will work? With or without certificate, his integrity is more than enough certification for those who want to vote him. A good product needs no much advertising.

I wrote the above last year and today the Presidential Elections Tribunal has delivered what I term a solemn, landmark verdict on the character, integrity and of course, certificate of President Muhammadu Buhari. In her verdict, it reads thus:

“If the 2nd respondent has not presented his secondary school certificate to the Army during his commission, where did the Army get its academic qualifications quoted in form 199 by the Army?

“There is no doubt that the 2nd respondent is not only qualified but also eminently to contest for the said office (of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria).

“Whether the name Mohammed is spelt with ‘U’ or with ‘O’, in as much as the name ‘Buhari’ belongs indisputably to the 2nd respondent, the certificate belongs to him.”

For Muhammadu Buhari, it’s a sustained triumph year in year out. Never again shall a man who fought for the unity of this country, who set a standard for leadership and institutionalised the bar of integrity, be demonised and scandalised on the petty and vicious claim of not having the requisite qualification to lead Nigeria. The limit of mischief has been defined same way the lifespan of mischief has ended. Nothing measures stupidity like a people accusing a man who has served as governor, minister, head of state and now president, of having no qualification. You couldn’t accuse him of anything but certificate forgery? Are you really alright?

Forever, let the furies of falsehood on the certificate of President Muhammadu Buhari rest while we keep tab on his certificate of integrity which is unrivalled, unmatched and undoubted.