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Bradford University Trains Youths On Transforming Leadership Skills



The University of Bradford has trained youths on transforming leadership skills to address the challenge of leadership in Nigeria.

Speaking at the training programme, on the theme: “Inbuilt 2019, Inspiring Future Leaders, Transforming Nations”, yesterday, in Abuja, professor of Diversity, University of Bradford, United Kingdom (UK), Professor Uduak Archibong, said that the leadership skills are things that we use everyday.

She said, “I see this program as contributing to that journey of development, University of Bradford has been very fortunate to draw students from Nigeria for a long time since we started as a university.

“We wanted to come and give back to our Nigeria, because we have large alumni in high places in Nigeria that could be excellent role models for Nigerians. We also felt that we needed to bring College professors from the University of Bradford to come and speak to Nigerians since most of them have already been speaking to Nigerian students in Bradford.

“We wanted them to come to Nigeria and see Nigeria, that’s why we’re running this program in Abuja today and then we’re going to Lagos. The intention is to run it in both places,” she said.

She explained that leadership adversity is when you are in a condition that is developing forever and when you are in such a condition, you have to wake up and challenge your internal resources to operate.

She urged the youths to think about their roles in national building to address the challenge of leaders in authority, adding that leadership is not a title but leadership is any where you are leading.

Addressing journalists at the event, professor of International Security and Development, University of Bradford, UK, Professor Owen Greene, said, “Nigerian youths need to take action for themselves instead of waiting for leaders to take action for them.

“It’s a very important issue for us to help in developing leadership skills of people, also to help them understand the influence of leadership on security,” he said.

Similarly, the director of External Affairs, University of Bradford, UK, Mark Garratt, said that the Bradford University wants to teach young people the sort of skills that Nigerians will need to help them in developing and moving the country forward.

“We really want to ensure everyone that comes out today will take something out of the training, many people in this room have achieved great things and we are giving them something for free today, which is to impart expertise and experiences with the young people in the room. So, if you can touch lives of many people in the room and give them an opportunity to develop themselves, then you have helped somebody,” he said.

One of the alumni students of Bradford University, professor of Educational Psychology, University of Maiduguri, Professor Alice Musa said, “When you train leaders and then they in turn train themselves, they will lead people well and become role models and when this happens, it means they are influencing the society.

“There will be high level of productivity that will be commensurate to development, which will also lead to reduction of poverty, because there’s no leader that is not hardworking and patient and if you are able to transfer this policy into human beings, they can also transfer it into their families and workplace”.



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