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20 Reasons To Start Drinking Lemon Water Daily



In man’s endless bid to be as healthy as humanly possible, fruits and veggies has a front row seat due to their super dual ability to flush out toxins and yet nourish the body with all the minerals and vitamins it needs. At the helm of the super fruits and veggies family is the lemon fruit.  Drinking a  glass of lemon infused water every morning has being known to help eliminate toxins, cleanse system and floods your body with necessary nutrients and immune boosters. The health benefit of drinking lemon water daily is almost too numerous to count. Below are twenty reasons why you should make it a lifestyle habit.

  1. Relieves constipation.
  2. Gives you cleaner skin
  3. Reduces stress level
  4. Gives you better breathe.
  5. Promote weight loss.
  6. Good for your brain.
  7. Great bone builder.
  8. Low in calories.
  9. Excellent for pregnant woman.
  10. Good for the liver
  11. Help to stabilize sugar level
  12. Protect your body from disease.
  13. Revs your metabolism
  14. Prevent cold and flu
  15. Rehydrate your entire body.
  16. Keeps your eyes healthy.
  17. Natural Anti- inflammatory
  18. Reduces blood pressure.
  19. Vitamin and mineral rich
  20. Detoxifies your body.


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