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Hawthorn Suites Begs Nigerians To Assist IDP’s



The management and staff of Hawthaorn Suites has urged well-meaning Nigerians to reach out to the Internally Displaced Person’s (IDPs)  while donating some items as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The director of Sales, Bamise Ogundare while addressing journalists at the Kuchingoro IDP stated that, It was for humanity sake that the team deemed it fit to donate items that will be used to elevate some of the needs of the displaced persons.

Ogundare said, “With these items we brought, we want the people here to feel like they are in a real hotel. The bedsheets, the pillow, the duvet cover, everything we have brought here is the same we use in our hotel for our guests. We want them to feel like they are family, they need also to feel like our guests. We brought hundred from each piece, towel, duvet, duvet cover, sheets basically all what you need in a hotel room”.

“I feel privileged and I feel that people have been complaining that they sleep hungry. But, you still have your health, you still have an environment that you are sheltering, you sleep at night under a roof, these people are not sleeping under any roof. They are living in a dangerous environment. That is basically the difference. Honestly, well-meaning Nigerians, those of us that are privileged to stay in our abode, should remember that there are innocent children that never knew anything about the war.

“According to the constitution,  it is the right of the government for safety, for health, to provide all basic necessary amenities that you can think of as a Nigerian. Its supposed to be an average Nigerian right but of course the government cannot do it alone. That is why we have the private sector like Hawthorn Suites to partner and we hope to partner with the new ministry of humanities so that we take it a step further.”

Similarly, the General Manager, Hawthorn Suites, Mr Allain Salameh, stated that the visit will be repeated again and again before the end of the year.

“We would do something big for the children during Christmas and new year. But we have another two visits until the end of the year and hopefully, by next year, we can also put it in the plan.”



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