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Presidency Alleges Plot To Cause Disaffection In Aso Rock



The presidency has said its attention has been drawn to a sensational report by a an online medium, which claimed that  President Muhammadu Buhari, has directed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to seek approvals for agencies under him.

According to a statement by the spokesman of the vice president, Laolu Akande, the report suggested that agencies under the supervision of the Vice President do not normally comply with established rules where presidential approvals were required.

He averred that this is obviously misleading and aims only to plant seeds of discord in the Presidency, while attempting to create unnecessary national hysteria.

Akande explained that the agencies in question are established by law and the Vice President has always insisted on due compliance with the enabling statutes and other established regulations.

‘He stated” Depending on the particular scope of activity in question, agencies may require management approval only at the level of the director-general or chief executive officer. In this category falls the great majority of their day-to-day activities.

However, other activities, or procurements, with value exceeding a certain threshold, require board approval.

These may get to the agency’s board chaired by the vice president. In a few cases where Presidential approval is required, the director-general must seek such approval from the president, through the vice president.

“These rules have always guided the activities of statutory agencies and the ones under the vice president’s supervision, have always been so guided”.

Akande noted that to claim that in the first term of the Buhari’s administration, that agencies of government have not been complying with the provisions (of getting final approvals from the President) is false, and the attempt to suggest the vice president’s complicity in such irregularities is simply mischievous and reprehensible.

He said the effective and mutually respecting relationship between the president and the vice president is well known to Nigerians and it is futile to insinuate otherwise.

According to Akande, even though the vice president has a statutory role as board chairman of some government agencies under his office, with appropriate approval limits, which often do not include contract approvals; it is ludicrous to even insinuate that a Board Chairman approves contracts.

“Evidently, the Federal Executive Council, which oversees federal ministries and agencies of government, is chaired by the president, and it is in its purview to approve or ratify award of contracts within the prescribed threshold.

“The vice president remains committed to the service of his fatherland and will continue to do so despite the purveyors of fake news. We urge media organizations, as gatekeepers, to uphold truth, balance, fairness and objectivity in their reports” he added.