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Nuclear Power and Its Dominance In Global Politics



The tension between America and Iran over a deal or no deal agreement cannot be undermined, President Trump’s visit to North Korea and the distraction of the Russian government can be traced to an atomic substance known as a nuclear weapon.

Nuclear weapons have strengthened the identity of many states across the globe, several destructions have been carried out via the same weapon in countries regarded as a volatile zone.

Global politics have not undermined the efficiency of a nuclear weapon and its potency of attacking from a distance, erupt total havoc to the society and people living in these countries.

Nuclear weapons are great tools for war yet national security and global power have acquired a great identity with this weapon yet we ask a question of this instrument and material going beyond being atomic materials or equipment; the benefit of the equipment to national security.

The narrative of the implementation of the nuclear weapon began in 1945 when two fission bombs were dropped in Japan. It was the beginning of an element yet nobody foresaw the dominance until the Soviet Union developed its nuclear weapon following their atomic bomb project and the invention of fusion weapons known as hydrogen bombs.

A few months ago, Yemen and Kuwait were attacked by Saudi Arabia using the nuclear weapon, we heard about the nuclear test that failed in North Korea. There were instance and predictions of another world war, this situation prompt President Trump to travel to North Korea on renegotiating on these deals.

The situation involving this deals prompt individuals to ask if global leader intentionally do this to enhance their political career at the expense of the massive destruction rendered on victims that are attacked by a single shot of the nuclear material.

We look at the situation we ask either nuclear negotiation is political, logical or intentional between both parties involving this deal; we ask if people asking for this deal understand the damage nuclear war has done to innocent people in certain countries across the globe.

Nuclear weapons are destructive material but why do politicians attach so much importance to the deals, for dominance or otherwise. If we look at the notable wars between western countries and Arab countries, we realize the nuclear weapons are a major instrument of destruction implored aside from the use of other artilleries

A few days on Aljazeera, many people in Europe and America voted against nuclear deal considering the havoc it has done on humanity yet several world leaders decline because of what they stand to gain within their political hierarchy and powers yet we decline the damage.

They are more to say on nuclear power, we know the threat nuclear power have rendered between the parties while its citizen suffers from the damage of a tiny missile released by the military personnel.

We also ask likewise if it has been of great advantage or a chaotic loss to humanity considering the havoc and dominance this instrument has rendered to the global community.

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