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Mystery As Thunder Storm Kills 36 Cows In Ondo Community



No fewer thirty six (36) cows have been killed by a thunderstorm at ijare, in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo state.

The ugly incident happened on Saturday at Oke Owa Mountain, a sacred grooves in the local.

LEADERSHIP learnt that the thunderstorm was accompanied by the torrential rainfalls which lasted several hours in the community.

Our correspondent who visited the community reports that the ugly incident has caused panic among the residents.

It was observed that the Fulani herdsmen were already making some shields on the mountain.

Also, tubers of yams and some farm produce allegedly fetched from the farmers were sighted.

The mountain which is used for the sacred land is 30 minute to the land and full of forest.

Some locals revealed that the strange incident occurred when some Fulani herdsmen flocked their cattle to the scared land in the community.

One of these locals who simply identified herself as Ms. Amara narrated how he saw the Fulani herdsmen in the bush.

“On Saturday, I saw the Fulani herdsmen with their cows while they were entering into th bush and climbing the mountains.

“But this morning, a hunter that was passing came to inform us that he saw the same cows but they were already dead.

“We rushed there, and we were very surprise and was shocked that truly the cow are dead and quickly alerted the community chiefs”. She added.

Wemimo Olaniran, one of the Traditional head of Ijare local community confirmed the strange incident on Sunday to journalists.

Olaniran said the incident was a rude shock to the community and regarded it as an act of God.

“We counted no fewer than 36 of the cows which are already dead. They would be there and no one would allow to touch it.

“The area where the cows died is known as ‘Owa’ and normally visited once in year by the king (Olujare) where he will stay for a day for sacrifices.

“He will be there for a seclusion to perform traditional rites and no individuals is allow to go to that place because is a taboo.

“The place is not meant for an ordinary person and even the king that goes in there as a way he compose himself.

“In the past, an incident like this one happened but mostly when the land is desecrated all those who are involved experienced a thunderbolt attack.

“It happened to human beings, who desecrate the scared land in the Ijare community and the grooves”.

Femi Joseph, the Spokesman of the Ondo Police Command confirmed the incident.




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