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Dare: Changing The Narrative In Sports



There could not have been a better time for the new minister to pick up from the stressed and crisis-prone   sport ministry than now.  Only in a distant memory but the recent success of team Nigeria in Morocco can one recall the last time Nigeria pushed through to the fore of excellence in sports competition.  Success upon success at close range in continental competitions had been the dominant feature of our outings until the freefall began. The summary of the sports sector’s problem is tied to the effects of strange and inexperienced hands superintending over the complex affairs of the ministry. Being not an island on its own, its   afflictions and shortcomings cannot be detached from the Nigeria system.

The sport ministry inevitably shares a quotient of the problem militating against the state. As , such , the  new  minister would  need  to draw out an ambitious and innovative  plans  and persuade the government    to align with a new  perception of sports as beyond  formal entertainment   to a heavy- duty  business venture .  The perception of sports as mere formal entertainment endured several sport administrators and has taken root in   the approaches and methodologies of addressing challenges and problems in sporting activities. Problems like indiscipline, corruption and deficient   integrity in sport management and administration   are direct fall outs of the absence of creative and innovative ideas on the part of the sport authorities

Noted as an assuring difference, the new minister possesses the mind set and antecedents required to initiate a bold move and accelerated along   graduating the traditional perception of sport as mere formal entertainment into a huge   business and an effective vehicle for youth mobilization.  .Witty and imaginative instincts are requisite essentials needed to define a clear path for transforming sports from its present stalled progress. Setting the pace through exemplary practices and aligning practices with global trend will spur and draw investor’s curiosity to the shifting trend. The present state of sport is in dire need of injection of new attitude and administrative style to fit into popular trend on the world stage worthy enough to attract investors-an innovative management style which dilutes government   interest with private interest.

Dare to Dream, Dare to Deliver is the most  accurate summary of the manifested results and precision managed mission to Morocco of the Nigerian Contingent to the just concluded All Africa Games held in Rabat Morocco. This is surely a motivated respite to the sentiment of the Nigerian populace on the only Sector we consciously submit as a vehicle of National Unity and enigma for collective patriotism. This surely must be a clear signal for the positive tendencies associated with the New Young Minister for Youth and Sports of our Nation Mr Sunday Akin Dare.

No wonder that, the new prosperity horizon looming in the future of Nigerian Sports and Youth Matters in the action packed Next Level is meritoriously saddle in the hand of a Nigerian of Global repute born on what today signifies our Democratic Day May 29th.

Mr Sunday Akin Dare, born on the 29th of May 1966 is really nostalgic to be placed in the ministry that matters to the nation’s future managers. This strategic decision by the Chief Foreman of Modern Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari is now yielding medals and honours to the astonishment of even the usual skeptics across the polity.

At this moment of National focus vulnerabilities and purposeful cohesion, the Sport based prides recorded in the All Africa Games has reignited the latent fire in the Citizenry for hope and trust in our collective resolve as a people and Nation united to cheer our heroes and prides. In Sunday Akin Darè we see a vehicular hope to restore the new generation of Nigerians into the necessary highway to attaining the Nation we desire. The Unique Media experience of “Daring Dare” spanning over 20years had surely groomed him for goal oriented assignments, in fact a hinging justification of the Moroccan Miracle of AAG.

It is our believe that, the identity traits in multi-tasking capabilities of “Dare” garnished with Next Level compliance of the sector stakeholders, will surely provide the much needed Adrenalin to pump action into the multi-faceted challenges of the Sport Sector and the endemic Youth Leadership and engagement prospect bedevilling these vital sphere of our national development.

The Continuity and Consultative mannerisms of The new minister as exhibited by his visit to the immediate past Minister in the ministry the equally adventurous Dalong further reinforce the expectations of Nigerians for marshalling the ministry stake into a comprehensive working vehicle to dare and surmount the obstacles militating against the development of the key Ares of the ministry’s focus.

Sincerely, the national quest for youth involvement in leadership and governance shall be more focused of meritorious young men instead of wholly opportunistic scales. Entrenching result bearing youth participation in strategic leadership positions shall always be hinged on the acknowledged progress disposition of the youth in view and his mind-set to genuine self-goal getting orientation which naturally will prepare him or her to the internal inspiring habit development, an element that will always influence his decision upon been engaged in the future.

Such developmental traits seems highly noticeable in Sunday Dare just as was in a similar compatriot Malam Jelani Aliyu of the Chevrolet Volt Car from the General Motors global fame. Both Jelani and Dare were deeply consumed in the pursuit of personal faraway from politics or favor inspired means of lively, yet the nation was feeling the positive impact of their excellence upon which naturally they were all invited to come back home to contribute to moving Nigeria to Next Level.

What a coincidence one would say? Both Dare and Jelani discovered reached their zenith of capacity in the United States and now all at home proportionally saddled with responsibility to enriching the collective drive to move Nigeria to the best summit of the Next Level Horizon.

It would interest the reader that, when in the United States, the duo of Jelani and Dare had their talents and adventurous spirit developed divergently but purposefully united with Jelani Aliyy making Nigeria and Africa proud in Car Design, Dare was transforming the highly influential Voice of America Hausa VOA Hausa Service to soar to the peak of its global influence and reliability more than any time in the past. As Jelani took the world by storm with the Award Winning Chevy Volt Design, Mr Dare leaped and catches up with the global dynamics, cuts a niche and ensure almost VOA to be in every man’s pocket across the entire Hausaland listeners’ landscape. This change the publicity and opinion community of the massive Radio listeners against the traditional transistor Radio once upon a time restricted only to Shops, Suya Joint, and Mai Shayi of Grandpa’s Bedside. Wax on Comrade and keep daring the hurdles to keep changing the Narrative.

Keep the positive attitude and the value based naturalistic sprit to ensure that we are cleared of the burden of privileged Youth in many other sectors that are more of regrets than assets to both their creed, generation and our country. In this era where the legislature, judiciary and the Executive sector had and having a fair representation of youths but unfortunately their conducts is a shame to even their generation as such jeopardizing chances for other youths.

Alhaji Yakubu , Jikan Wakili, wrote from Kaduna