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119 Nigerians On Death Row In Malaysia



Amnesty International has revealed that 199 Nigerians are on death row in Malaysia. With this figure, Nigeria currently has the highest number of foreigners who have been sentenced to death in Malaysia.

A new report by Amnesty International, a human rights organisation, has revealed that 119 Nigerians are currently on death row in Malaysia.

The death penalty is currently retained as the punishment for 33 offences in the Asian country and is mandatory for 12 of these, according to the report, “Fatally flawed: Why Malaysia must abolish the death penalty”.

As of February 2019, Amnesty reported, a total of 1,281 people were on death row in Malaysia, including 568 (44 per cent) foreign nationals.

Of these foreign nationals, 21 per cent are Nigerians, with others from Indonesia (16 per cent), Iran (15 per cent), India (10 per cent), Philippines (8 per cent) and Thailand (6 per cent) and other countries.

No fewer than 73 per cent of the total 1,281 inmates on death row were convicted for drug trafficking, while 25 per cent were convicted for murder. The remaining was convicted for offences related to the use of firearms, robbery, and waging war against the King or Ruler of a State.

Amnesty’s report showed that those on death row for drug trafficking were frequently convicted after they were found in possession of and transporting relatively small quantities of drugs without having committed or being involved in any form of violence.

They are also classified as people at the low-end of the drug chain (drug couriers) who often claim to have been tricked, lured, or forced into the drug trade.

In its report, Amnesty documented many violations of international human rights law and standards associated with the use of the death penalty in Malaysia.



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